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  1. sure they leave the possibility open for a sequel, everyone wants to a franchise. the difference with SW is that before ANH had hit the theaters, Lucas has begun to write ESB, and he had an inkling as to how RTJ would go. Sequels aren't as seamlessly integrated into the storyline like episodes 5 & 6. which makes them more than sequels.
  2. Empire Strikes Back and RETURN Of the Jedi don't count. they're not sequels, they are part of an intergrated story line. there was always meant to be three. a true sequel is produce after the first one is a sucess, and not before. a sequel is an afterthought given form.
  3. i'm going to go with one of the pink panther movies
  4. remakes, remakes, remakes. Hollywood is creatively bankrupt
  5. Enter The Dragon is the benchmark.
  6. i've heard rumblings of a late 2005 release.
  7. Bubba Ho Tep was one of the worse movies ever
  8. i liked Get Shorty, so i guess i will go see it.
  9. thats a Wait For Cable movie. if it wasn't for alba, i wouldn't see it at all.
  10. I enjoyed the books, I just recently reread them. I really liked the 1981 BBC mini series based on the first two books. I have me reservations about this movie, but I do like how they made Marvin.
  11. I saw it last night. I liked it. B+
  12. i've been waiting for this movie for years!
  13. Ron White's the only funny one on that tour.
  14. and sadly, it's been getting better the last season or so. ah well, no big loss.
  15. thanks! Good thing I have that! call me lazy but i just didn't feel like searching through 5 pages to find out. now if you'll excuse me, I have to go read the last page of a book i just started reading.....
  16. so what's the final on the movie?
  17. the US version sucks compared to the BBC version. There's a wit in the britsh version that doesn't translate into the US version (even though the best actors on it were americans). Drew carey's humor feels too forced.
  18. it truely is a movie about nothing, but I too love it.
  19. 1 Fawlty Towers 2 Black Adder 3 Monty Python
  20. ATHF Rocks! http://www.adultswim.com/misc/downloads/au.../iwantcandy.mp3
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