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  1. Hitchhike one hundred twenty miles to catch a show, neither knowing nor caring how you're getting home afterward True story.
  2. QUOTE (jonfiredaman02 @ Feb 24 2008, 05:40 PM) Time _____ ____ we ____ _____ of the ___ Our ______ ____ see _____ _______ Time after time we loose sight of the way Our causes can't see their affects. Tricky! How 'bout ___ _______ ______ us _____ ____ ____ 's ___ so ___
  3. QUOTE (Cygnusx3 @ Feb 23 2008, 10:00 PM) We _____ the _____and ______ of restless _______ from afar That would be: "We feel the push and pull of restless rhythms from afar." How 'bout: _____ is _____ a _______ and ___ ____ must ____ __ _____.
  4. QUOTE (GeminiRising79 @ Feb 23 2008, 04:01 PM) Ok, now try to keep an open mind here by what I'm about to suggest. First, choose the Rush member you primarily gravitate to, for whatever reason(This would be a member that you are mostly in awe of (if you are equally in awe of 2 or more, exclude yourself from this test). The setting: Lets say you happen to be out one night at a Toronto lounge/bar off of Younge Street (in close proximity to Massey Hall) with the Rush member you are in utmost awe of, and his wife. After having a few drinks and strong conversational bonding, the said Rush member looks at his watch noting that the time is already 21:12. He subtly suggests that you join him and his wife at his sprawling suburban Toronto mansion. He says that he will drive since his Audi/BMW is better in the voluminous amounts of snow that has recently fallen from the bruised and sullen stormclouds above. You agree and gingerly hop in the back seat and take in the surreal experience, whilst caressing the rich Corinthian leather and shining steel of the interior. After arriving at the mansion, the three of you entre the main den, sipping cognac (or perhaps The MacCallan) on the large C-shaped couch that encompasses the cozy, roaring fireplace that is automatically actuated by the bristling energy given off by human proximity. In a dreamlike state, you gaze up at the wall and see the gold and platinum records and the vast collage of Rush album covers. You see a magnificently stuffed animal in the likeness of the Snowdog. You see the work of gifted hands that grace this strange and wondrous land. It dawns on you that you're living every Rush fan's dream. The said Rush member then suggests that you join him and his wife upstairs in the Master bedroom. You gaze up at the spiral stair, and then to the Rush member where you notice his hungry eyes, and open mind. Are you prepared to indulge in both sides of the hemispheres or do you politely decline, suggesting that the hour is late and you feel you've got to move, (yes, you do?) Or do you proceed, tricked by circumstances? How very quaint!
  5. Maestro in to report Northern California is expecting to be "Pounded" in the next few hours by a major storm that's been brewing out over Hawaii the passed few days... 2-5ft snow above 3000 feet; 2-3 inches of rain with sustained winds of 40 MPH and gusts 55-70 mph in the valley... From the San Francisco Bay Area to The Oregon Boarder... ...We're about to get pounded (again), folx.... At least that's what our local meterologist forcasts. Kinda looking forward to it myself; time to outside and baton down the hatches... Anticipating widespread poweroutages (again); so... Until Later!
  6. "We turned our gaze to the castles in the distance" A Farewell to Kings
  7. The truth is that this is not a lie.
  8. Tough question... ...But it has to be: Xanadu.... but only by a narrow, narrow margins over the title cut and Cinderella Man. JMO. III.
  9. QUOTE (The Owl @ Feb 12 2008, 09:47 PM) QUOTE (Slime @ Feb 12 2008, 09:25 PM) One lawsuit to rule them all One suit to find them One suit to bring them all and in the darkness bind them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0sc-gS9AqM Check this out.
  10. QUOTE (Choose/the/light @ Feb 18 2008, 06:23 PM)I read somewhere that the "whip" sound on YYZ is actually a 2X4 being broken As I recall, when asked how one plays plywood, Neil responded with something like: "You smack it down on a stool -hard!"
  11. Maestro


    I. Do you see, can't you see what I'm feeling? Will it ever change? Will it stay the same? Is it ever gonna change again? Who do you think you are? Why do you have to make us feel so uptight? Where'd you go? Where'd learn what you know? II. Why do their shadows bow in fear? Why try? III. Who could ask for more? Why must my crew desert me when I need a guiding hand? IV. What can this strange device be? What can this thing be that I've found? What use have they for you? Dream, can't you show me the light? What would touch me deeper, tears that fall from eyes that only cry? Would it touch you deeper than tears that fall from eyes that know why? So, you still question 'why?' V. When they turn the pages of history and these days have passed long ago, will they read of us in sadness for the seeds that we let grow? Can't we find the minds that made us strong? Can't we learn to feel what's right and what's wrong? Can't we find the minds to lead us closer to the heart? Through the void to be destroyed, or is there something more? Atomized at the core or through the astral door to soar? VI. And they wonder why: 'The Maples can't be happy in their shade?' VII. Acting-well rehearsed routines or playing from the heart? VIII. Are they oblivious to this quality? IX. How do they make contact with one another? How do we make contact with one another? We've got nothing to fear but fear itself; not pain or failure, not fatal tragedy; not the faulty units in this mad machinery; not the broken contacts in emotional chemistry? Can any part of life - be larger than life? Is any killer worth more than his crime? X. Who can face the knowledge that the truth is not the truth? Are the liberators here? Do I hope or do I fear? Are we the last ones left alive? Are we the only human beings to survive? Was it only trees in the wind? Is it movement or is it action? Is it contact or just reaction? Revolution or just resistance? Is it living or just existence? XI. Was it just imagination stringing us along? XII. Can't everybody see? XIII. How many times do you hear it? Who can you believe? Christ, what have you done? How can we ever agree? XIV. Why are little ones born only to suffer for the want of immunity or a bowl of rice? Who would hold a price on the heads of the children if there's some immortal power to control the dice? What's the deal? I'm on a roll now -or is it a slide? I'm in a groove now -or is it a rut? Who can give them back their lives and all those wasted years? Who will pay? Do we have to be forgiving at last? What else can we do? Do we have to say goodbye to the past? Baby, don't you ask yourself 'why?' XV. What kind of difference can one person make? Where would you rather be? When will the time be right? XVI. Can't do the time? Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist? XVII. Are you under the illusion that you're part of this scheme? What is the meaning of this? What are you trying to do? Are you under the illusion the path is winding your way? Are you surprised by confusion when it leads you astray? Have you lived a lifetime today or do you feel like you just got carried away? Was it something I said? Something you'd like me to do? Did I have a dream or did the dream have me? XVIII. If we're so much the same like I always hear why such different fortunes and fates? What am I supposed to say? Where are the words to answer you when you talk that way? In the hot dry rasp of the devil winds who cares what a fool believes? Where is the wave that will carry me a little closer to you? What am I suppose to do? Where are the words that will make you see what I believe is true? What happen to your old benevolent universe? How many times do we tire of all the little battles? How many times do we weather out the stormy evenings? How many times must another line be drawn? How many times do we chaff against the repetition? How many times do we swallow our ambition? How many times do we wonder if it's even worth it?
  12. QUOTE (OriginalFan @ Feb 16 2008, 11:54 PM) When you know how Geddy got his name...
  13. Sounds like a good place to be to me... Considering registration an future submissions for YOUR entertainment/critque and/or approval. III. Until Later!
  14. QUOTE (WorkingAngel @ Feb 14 2008, 08:19 PM)QUOTE (gleamingalloyaircar81 @ Feb 14 2008, 08:10 AM) QUOTE (Ru5h F@n @ Feb 14 2008, 12:52 AM) QUOTE (VaporTrails04 @ Feb 13 2008, 11:02 AM) QUOTE (Rand @ Feb 12 2008, 05:40 PM) I think it was Bernie Taupin who co-wrote all the good songs with Elton. Elton alone is crap. taupin wrote, if not all of his seventies lyrics. he left in the eighties and they just recently reformed i believe. elton wrote all the music and in my opinion the music is what makes the lyrics work, so alone elton john is not crap..... i guess i shoulda figured that this would happen, but why do people have to bring his sexuallity into a topic about his music? pure ignorance George Michael is gay too. Freddie Mercury was as well. You don't see people bashing them, do you? I don't care if they're aliens from another planet, as long as they make good music. That's all that matters to me personally. +1 +2
  15. When you know how to spell Alex's surname...
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