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    Tie: Vital Signs/Xanadu [live; ESL]
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  1. Hard to know about Alex & Geddy's relationship with Neil. After all, Neil is the new guy.
  2. I deliberately left that out because it's popularity is well known. So this is poll for to find out the most popular of the latest four albums. Understood. I don't blame you for leaving BNW out. Me, too! Of course, I bought it the first day it came out (some special edition that looks like a book) and made it through Disk 1. I tried Disk 2 but didn't make it all the way through until the next day on the way to work. It took a few weeks for the album to "take", but when it did...WOO HOO! My top three tracks are "The Red And The Black", "Death Or Glory", and the sublime "Empire Of The Clouds".
  3. The Book Of Souls. Such a great album; however, I'm slightly bummed that I couldn't vote for Brave New World, which I believe is Maiden's best since Seventh Son... .
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