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  1. From the description in the announcement, at the beginning of each ball, you can choose whatever song you want to play. It’s pretty vague what happens to the music after you drain the ball. In one of the pinball forums, there was a discussion that the song chosen in the beginning could run as the theme the entire game. Previous rock tables have done that. We’ll learn more tomorrow at 6:00 pm when we get a live stream of the first play. Here’s the link: https://www.twitch.tv/deadflip One thing I picked up on is the drum effects (possibly during “drum solo multi-ball”). In the one video, you can hear the pop bumpers play drum fills when struck by the ball. :31 mark you can see and hear it:
  2. *sigh* Sorry man. I’m really excited about this thing (and got a little hasty). Thus, the spelling error. As you can see, I don’t post here very often…How can I edit the title to correct the spelling?
  3. I found a couple of podcasts on the Stern website talking about how decisions were made with the machine. The band was intimately involved with the process. What I found interesting is how music was chosen. Alex, Geddy and Ed Robertson put together a “set list” of songs. Ed is a pinball fanatic and helped steer their final choices toward ones that are the most appropriate for a pinball machine. There’s about two hours of Rush music in the machine’s audio library. Here’s the best part in my opinion: the songs are the FULL tracks and Ed was pretty much responsible for that. Rather than just “Temples” the entire first side of 2112 is included. Same thing for all 18 minutes of Cygnus X-1. The reason is even though they’re really long songs, the music publisher considers it a single track and only one licensing fee. One small downside: the “Attention all planets of the solar Federation” pilot voice is included, but it’s not Neil’s voice. In reading the conversation, it sounds to me like his voice IS included within the song but new voice tracks were recorded for isolated game effects. (After reading the transcript, let me know if you come away with the same interpretation.) They talk about art work, playfield graphics and more. Unless I can upload all 16 pages, here’s a link to the pdf on my Google: https://drive.google...QxjkgWjvh9/view Here’s the conversation with the Stern development team: https://drive.google...ew?usp=drivesdk
  4. I've always heard that a boat is really "just a hole in the water that you pour money into".I'm assuming that pinball machines are not great investments either. I’m kind of a pinball enthusiast and can give you a little insight…The newer machines (late 80’s and up) are actually pretty reliable. I have a 1992 “Fish Tales” machine and over the last 20 years, I’ve spent maybe two or three hundred bucks on repairs and maintenance: Bulbs, worn out ‘rubbers’ for the flippers & bumpers and new balls (the balls oxidize after a couple years and will scratch up the playfield). A speaker went out, but a $30 replacement from Radio Shack is all it took. I bought it only for sentiment reasons: It’s the pinball machine my wife and I would play at a neighborhood bar back when we were dating (the exact machine). I had nostalgia in mind rather than hopes of it becoming collectible or valuable. The new Rush machine could possibly be a good “investment” mostly because it’s made by Stern. All of their new machines are released in the same 3 tiers: limited edition, premium, and pro. The LE’s always sell out. What’s different with the Rush release is the there are 1,000 as opposed to 500 Limited Editions. They’ve done other 1000 releases, but I think Rush is the first of the rock band themed tables. Collectors buy them and spend crazy money. There’s a L.E. “Elvira” machine out now that sells in the $20k range…it’s a 40th anniversary model limited to a run of 199 machine which followed the 2019 Elvira super-limited-signature edition that had a run of only 50! AAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! (Just like with baseball cards, the company will win the collectible “game” because they control the rules and the inventory.) Bottom line: it’s an expensive toy. Less expensive and more reliable than other expensive toys (motorcycle, boat, snowmobile). It can’t really be an investment because in order to profit from an investment, you have to sell! And as a Rush fan…just the thought of letting it go would be tough.
  5. A radio show I listened to this morning interviewed the guy who was trying to rebuild it. Guess what? He told them that his effort to rebuild Le Studio will continue. Hahahahahaha! He’s delusional. (the interview is all the way at the bottom) https://97x.com/iconic-le-studio-where-rush-david-bowie-chicago-queensryche-recorded-demolished/
  6. “...with Peart being a bibliophile and you being such a famous author and all. He had to have been awestruck.” Oh man! I sifted through every page of this horse crap and THAT one line made it all worthwhile! :LMAO: (For the record, I have never EVER met Neil Peart, and I don’t care who believes me.)
  7. I guess I never imagined Neil to be one who would be out “rubbing elbows” with the Hollywood elite. But, here he is at a 2013 pre-Oscar party. Global Green USA was the organization hosting the party and this clip seems to be shot as celebs were arriving. Just like you see on the academy awards shows, here’s Neil Peart ‘walking the red carpet’ (sort of)! (The image of him at home cooking dinner made me smile.) And in this one, he and Carrie face the flashes of paparazzi: I couldn’t see where this video had been shared on the forums. (Not to mention the relatively tiny number of views.) If this is a repeat, feel free to delete.
  8. Yep...first post. But, I was lurker here usually around the times of new releases, tour announcements or other big Rush news. This is the big one. I now know what all those people felt like when John Lennon was shot or why my mom was crying after hearing about Elvis. Neil was ‘my guy’. I used Pro Mark sticks, Evans drum heads, painted my drum set red, bought a Zildjian 18” crash cymbal (medium-thin, of course!). I bought every album and saw every tour since Moving Pictures. I went beyond drums and drumming: everything from Samuel Taylor Coleridge poetry to Carrie Nuttall photography to trying to get interested in cross country skiing because Neil was into it. At some point I guess I asked myself “why am I doing all this?” I’m never going to meet him, I’m never going to play as good as him, I’m never going to have dinner at that hunting lodge (me, Neil, Alex, Geddy—ya know, just the FOUR of us)... I’m never going to get any type of ‘atta boy’ or acknowledgment from my hero. But, I still secretly want it and hope to get it somehow. And yet, here I am: writing to people I don’t know, seeking approval from those same people, trying to impress them with my deep introspective thinking, trying to “out fan” other fans, and again caught asking myself “why am I doing all this?” I’m really not sure why. Why would a guy who guarded and valued his privacy continue to write publicly about his most personal, private issues? We all need an outlet, I guess. Because this is the only group of people who might understand. Here’s my FAVORITE quote from Neil. If you’re like me (still trying to be like him), this is a great way to do that and still be yourself: ”I define my approach to each day I am given as, “What is the most excellent thing I can do today?” That’s it. Thanks for reading this.
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