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    Time Machine in SLC 2010 - my daughter's first Rush show and winning a meet and greet with the boys! My daughter was STOKED!!!!
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  1. I was lucky enough to grab 3rd row, center floor section, for the Salt Lake City show. Yes, 2 tickets, $404 each. Is it worth it? Of course the fan in me says yes, but the pragmatic guy balancing the checkbook says "eeehhhhhhhhh....." Regardless, my daughter and I will be geeking out closer to the boys than ever before. And she'll remember that. That's why the pragmatist had to shut up this time.
  2. I know that we all love Rush, but since this thread is about bands other than Rush, I'll throw this out: anybody here want to see George Thorogood in Vegas on February 27? I'm going, but I've got an extra ticket. I won't tell you where the seat is (it's next to mine, so it's not bad at all), but if you're interested, shoot me a PM and we'll talk. Man, has it really been 40 years since Rush came out? Crazy.
  3. I spoke with KJA at the SLC Comic Con in September. I told him I had some problems with the story and he implied heavily that sequels were coming. That's my guess.
  4. I can't believe that I still have 4 months to go before the Salt Lake show. 4 and a half, actually. Now I've just depressed myself more. $$%*^$##%^*)()(%$#^&(*&^
  5. Quite a few times. That's why I knew the front of the 200s will give my daughter a perfect view over the heads of the 100s and basically put her on stage level. Of course I'd love to be in row 1 or 2 up front, but the $$ for that is just ridiculous. Again, that's why I was so glad these popped up. we're on the right hand aisle for that section, but thats even better. Have you been to the venue before?
  6. I was happy that I got a pair in the front row of section 202 so my daughter can actually see the show this time. Ticketing sucks, that's for sure.
  7. woodring2112


    Amazon reviews can be helpful, and I have looked at them, but I am also looking for some that are a little more independent than quasi-anonymous reviews on a website shilling a product. Good suggestion though. Thanks.
  8. woodring2112


    All, I am currently working on a paper to present at a regional Pop Culture conference early next year and I am referencing the CA Novel. What I need help with is finding reviews (not just Board posts or like that) that are NOT glowing to round out my research. I'm not talking NYT reviews necessarily, but thoughtful, well-written discussions of the novel. If any of you are aware of such reviews, could you post a link. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much. woodring2112
  9. Anybody got any more scuttlebutt about the 2013 leg? I know nothing is official, but we've got some pretty good sources lurking about the forums. Any word on Denver, Salt Lake, Vegas part II?
  10. Is there any hope for additional stateside shows? Anyone heard anything?
  11. Is there any word/rumor of a second leg of the tour in the spring? These 30+ dates just don't seem like enough, and with them missing areas they normally hit, it just seems like there will be another batch of dates early in 2013...
  12. woodring2112

    Tour dates

    Yesterday, a local DJ came on after playing some Rush and said that she wasn't happy with the band, since she's heard that Salt Lake City isn't on the plan for the tour THIS SUMMER. Now, I know that we've all been hearing that the tour will start in maybe September, but the fact that she heard that SLC isn't on the route makes me wonder if they'll be running only larger areas, or even larger arenas again instead of amphitheaters, especially if they start later in the year. Regardless, I guess my point is that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, is apparently already fleshing out tour dates and destinations, which is progress, right?
  13. Nothing too exciting, but at the Vegas show I got the set list sheet from one of the ushers (before the show started--they're not supposed to let those out of their possession). It even includes the word "BOOM" next to Marathon and Far Cry for when the big pyros blow. Sadly, I wasn't close enough to get a t-shirt, pick, or sticks, but it's still nice to have something from the show. Back to your lives, citizens...there's nothing more to see here.
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