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    Ontario, Canada
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    I love Rush and drawing.

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    Fly by Night and Hemispheres.
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    Getting 2 pins back from a letter I wrote them.
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    Yes, Iron Maiden, Electric Light Orchestra, Emerson, Lake and Palmer
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    I wish to play the keyboards someday.
  1. Wait a minute, what's Maverick doing in New World Women??!!
  2. Maverick los aan onik joor.
  3. would anyone like to chat with me????
  4. Rush is awesome, but so is Electric Light Orchestra. I love daybreaker, that's an instrumental song.
  5. I was just over at thuum.org, (Skyrim related stuff) and they have a forum for pen pals. If people can write in a dragon language that comes from a video game, then why not Rush fan pen pals? It's just an idea. But, what do you think?
  6. Lorraine, I do love to draw. Drawing comes before breakfast.
  7. So, here I am, trying to make a comic of Hemispheres. I drew the earth awfuly, I'm very good at people, but not planets. But, I got the idea to ask any of you if your interested in making a comic with me. I could draw, and you girls could write a story together. Or, if there's any other artists, we could take turns drawing scenes. And i'm not talking about songs, I mean little short stories about Rush. Does this sound like a good idea?
  8. Has anyone on here wrote a letter to a band, or someone from a band before? Once when I was younger, I wrote a letter to Bruce Dickinson. The band was really nice, and they all signed a picture for me, and Bruce signed the drawing I drew.
  9. Who else has a Deviantart account? I'm Progerific.
  10. I was just wondering if anyone else here is my age, or around my age? This one time I brought 2112 to school, no one knew what a turntable was, and they thought Geddy was a girl.
  11. lerxstlicious, my mum says: Thank you for looking out for my kid! She didn't think that there where any decent people left out there.
  12. Alex Lifeson drawing%5Bimg%5Dhttp%3A//i68.tinypic.com/wtg13.jpg[/img]
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