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  1. Fleetwood Mac for sure....Rumors- enough said Random side note- Don Henley owns a huge piece of land in east Texas, near Gilmer, TX, it has a runway on it, as he likes to fly small planes. The property also has an old quarry pond that has some big bass in it....I have tresspassed there and caught some big fish. Screw you Don Henley!
  2. http://i.imgur.com/5QCs1nZ.jpg The best thing he ever did was that Meat Loaf video. He should have stuck with that format. I've seen the first 3 Transformers on Rifftrax so I have a right to judge. If you want good action movie directors, watch Tony Scott and Walter Hill films. No, completely joking in this case. I've watched half of the first Transformers movie, that's all I've seen of those.
  3. I was a junior in college when it came out. My girlfriend at the time had two older sisters, and she was a fan of stuff like The Cure because her sisters were hipsters. Because of me she bought Hysteria, Appetite for Destruction and Permanent Vacation. The sisters were NOT happy. Appetite for destruction is fantastic. Night Train...phenomenal stuff. I think that CD was in my truck for like 4 straight months at one point
  4. Hysteria is mostly amazing (Women, Animal, Rocket, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Excitable, Armageddon It, Gods of War) but Love and Affection, Love Bites and Hysteria were the start of the trouble they never really recovered from. I completely understand and agree that it was the start of trouble, I will still stand by love bites and hysteria (I don't wanna touch you too much baby...) Rocket, Gods of War...it really is a packed album
  5. Aerosmith was kinda lame in 80s, but debut through rocks had some amazing stuff!
  6. Also- a joke that probably most know.... What has 9 arms, 10 legs and ROCKS??? DEF LEPPARD
  7. High and Dry is awesome.....very straightforward, rocks very hard...... BUT....Pyromania is #1. IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??? Photograph is probably still my #1 Def Leppard Song. I personally refuse to dog on Hysteria...still a great album. Hysteria is the perfect song for driving at night during the summertime, roads are empty. Animal is another underrated song (I know...very pop...whatever...haterz gonna hate)
  8. II is phenomenal. IV is phenomenal. III is great
  9. I got to meet and visit with a fairly famous Trek person a few weeks ago. His name is John Black- he was a producer and writer for the original series. He co-wrote a few of the early episodes, and was the sole writer of the episode "The Naked Time." His son is my son's Godfather. So he is one of my son's God-grandparent? Had dinner at the Black's house, anyways, pretty cool to meet someone intimately involved in Trek history.
  10. The Anarchist 95% sure thats the song you're thinking of. About 1:50
  11. Ive said it before....I think the song is about baseball. Specifically a guy on a team trying to clinch a playoff spot.
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    I realize that some people might think this is dumb/tasteless. It was sad that Harambe died. However, I do find the Harambe meme phenomenon absolutely hilarious. This thread is dedicated to Harambe related humor. http://i.imgur.com/9sV8f5pl.jpg
  17. Same for me....my order would be Blazzing Saddles Young Frankenstein The Producers Willy Wonka Silver Streak
  18. What's a dazzling urbanite like yourself doing in a rustic setting like this?
  19. Seinfeld Trailer Park Boys Futurama Star Trek Bill Dance Outdoors (not sure if my favorite....just fishing shows in general)
  20. Linda McCartney on everything post Beatles....
  21. I love both these songs. I love Kate Pierson in that song
  22. Majored in Chemistry in college.....we filled a coffee can with magnesium and lit it on fire outside one of the dorms. It was funny when campus security came by and tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher! (Magnesium can combust with CO2)
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