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  1. 80s and 90s were rubbish. What sort of rock music lover has nostalgia for the fecking 90s? The 80's were fantastic music-wise. What hole were you living in during that decade? I guess the same hole I was in. Not much of an 80s fan. I guess as great as the early 70s were, it's hard to compare. So you are not a fan of the alternative muic in the 80's or the rise of heavy metal? No problem with the rise of heavy metal. It was the technology and synths that killed it for me. Bye bye to the good ole' Fenders and Gibsons. Hello to the Carvels and Jacksons. WTF?? Not enough soul for me. Funny you mentioned this... I read quite a few of the youtube comments on the GV Fleet videos saying how much they liked the "old school" things like: the Fender bass and the Gibson guitars, the Hammond organ, guitars plugged in (even the curly cord style) to actual Marshall amps on stage. And a bunch of people even noticed and mentioned the scaled down set of Ludwig drums, which we don't often see these days. It's usually DW, Yahama, Sonor or Tama...
  2. This thread could probably be taken down now... there is a better one above, same topic.
  3. Lifeson gave GV Fleet his seal of approval the other day in Cleveland. Praised them, actually.
  4. This interview is just a few days old. Could this happen? If so, it wouldn't be called Rush, but add a keyboard player and maybe a singer... wow!
  5. Really good interview and a very interviewer for once too. No dumb questions and Shelli kept it on topic.
  6. Horrible live album. It does sound muddy and not really live. You can barely hear the audience, which to me, is important in a live concert audio or video production. That tour actually opened with 2112, but in the ESL video, Limelight is the first song. So, right there, I didn't like it because it didn't seem like a true concert. Also, no drum solo on the video. I guess they had time issues, but to omit the drum solo in a Rush show? That was a bad choice. Grace Under Pressure live is as good as it gets with a live Rush recording. It's just about perfect.
  7. Looks like I just got my ass kicked here... Maybe the word, "political" was the wrong word. I meant, I would rather musicians talk about music. I used to like Bruce Cockburn at one time.
  8. Listen to Age of Man, the first song of the new album. NOTHING like Led Z or anyone else. Just a well crafted rock song with very mature lyrics.
  9. I'll also bump it for ya, Blues... I'm not usually one to like musicians and or actors being political, but this one is different. What I don't like is when celebs chime in with the latest thing like, don't cut down trees (meanwhile their house is made from wood) and don't waste water (meanwhile their swimming pool does a good job of that) or save the environment (and they drive a gas guzzler or own a private jet.)
  10. Thanks for posting this. I just read through the piece and what I found most interesting was how well spoken and intelligent Sam is for someone so young and thrown into the spotlight. He's only 19 but speaks like a 40 year old. And, his choices for top ten albums also shows his maturity. No mention of any modern-era bands. All old time, roots-based stuff that 99.9% of 19 year olds have never heard of.
  11. Okay I just saw 1 minute 26 seconds worth (totally serious) and the dude’s voice is as annoying as ever. Don’t know what more there is to say. No doubt I dislike his voice. Fair comment... sort of like Geddy back in the early days. Some people just didn't like his voice. Josh does scream a lot, but I happen to like it. Some people definitely will not. My point about the Tonight Show video is that they sound good, which they do.
  12. I've heard a few criticisms of the SNL performance by Fleet. The first song they played had a rough live mix and the singer did miss a couple notes. The second was bang on... but for anyone still doubting their live sound, check this one from the Tonight Show back in August.
  13. Yes, I am a fan, obviously. I think these kids are great. But for the slammers out there, give them goddam a chance. MANY bands sound like other bands when they first start. And, instead of jumping on the band wagon and slamming them, why don't you actually listen to more of their songs along with the lyrics. Most of their stuff sounds nothing like LZ. The lyrics are very good. They'll be playing stadiums in three years, mark my words. Remember, they are only 19 - 22 years old. Almost every show on their current tour is sold out until mid-summer, most venues are 3,000 - 8,000 seats along with multiple night sell outs as well. So there!!!!!
  14. Okay, I think I MAY have found a Fleet song that sounds a bit like Rush, especially when the guitar pattern kicks in at about the 00.45 second mark. The vocal sounds nothing like Geddy, but the guitar... hmmm?? GREAT song either way.
  15. Always liked Soundgarden. But, most of the other bands in the 90s are too commercialized. Another reason I like Van Fleet, is that they (at least seem so far) to be clean cut kids, no smoking, no drugs, no pictures of them staggering around with a bottle of Jack in their hand, not covered in silly tattoos and piercings just so to look "cool" like a "rock star." Seemingly, non-commercialized.
  16. 80s and 90s were rubbish. What sort of rock music lover has nostalgia for the fecking 90s? Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Cranberries, Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, U2, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Pantera, Oasis, Alice In Chains, Flaming Lips, Green Day, Weezer, Bjork, Foo Fighters, Sublime, No Doubt, Wilco... You're telling me every band on that list is garbage? I would say that MOST of the bands on that list are garbage.
  17. Hey Blues... this one would be a good one to watch if you're thinking about giving these guys a chance. It's one song... 26 minutes, a jam really. But, if you can find the time, sit through it, all of it, and you'll be a fan. Thanks, Thunder! Going to watch/listen now! Thank you, Thunder! That was awesome! It actually sounded to me like they are honoring a big Deep Purple influence as well as Zeppelin. :heart: I'm definitely going to be listening to more! Not surprised at your reaction... They are a very good live band. The guitar player is unreal, they are all really. Try this one next... it's just recorded from a cell phone, but it's pretty good. This is the opening of their first show ever in Canada (Two shows in Toronto, both sold out - 3,000 seat venue.) Pay special notice to Jake's guitar solo starting at about the 8:30 mark. When you hear the fan reaction, you'll know these kids will be in the arenas before the end of the year. Keep in mind, this concert was from early July, when all they had out were two 4-song EPs. Their first full CD came out back in October, 2018. This post could have probably been done in private, but I don't send private messages... Thx!
  18. Not surprised about the Greta shout out from Alex. He would remember all too well the comparisons between his young band and LZ. The best part is when he praised their musicianship, which is way crazy for 19 - 22 year old players.
  19. Should also mention, the SNL thing was good, but they're better on their own live stage where there are no time constraints. The two songs they played are normally a couple minutes longer each. they jam a lot which I think is great.
  20. Hey Blues... this one would be a good one to watch if you're thinking about giving these guys a chance. It's one song... 26 minutes, a jam really. But, if you can find the time, sit through it, all of it, and you'll be a fan.
  21. I don't think Josh Kistka sounds anything like Geddy Lee. Just because singers can sing at a very high range, doesn't mean they sound alike. Side note - If anyone is interested, Fleet is on SNL this Saturday. Should be great. Then, they are off to Japan, then Australia.
  22. Holy smokes... I had never heard of Benny Greb, so I watched the breakfast video above, then a couple more on the tubes. Whoa... just goes to show you (and me, mainly) that there are SO many wicked drummers that mainstream never hears about. Sure, they know Tommy Lee and Alex V Halen... and Neil Peart, but guys like this who are far more skilled are not famous and probably don't make near the same amount of coin as the "rock stars" do. I saw this one with Johnny Rabb (whom I had never heard of either) and Benny Greb. These guys are up there with the best of the best from what I can see.
  23. I've mentioned this before on TRF, but's worth going there again. I've seen hundreds of videos of the best of the best drummers. Some of these people scare me they're SO good. But, there is one, that I believe is miles above ANYONE ELSE and that is Thomas Lang. The only people who have heard of him are drummers for the most part... he's not in a big name band playing stadiums or arenas. He plays as a gun for hire with some of the biggest names. But, if you watch some of his drum solo videos on youtube, you will be stunned. I have NEVER, EVER seen any drummer do the things that he does. Not Buddy Rich, not Louis Bellson, not Ed Shaunessey, not Dave Weckl, not Dennis Chambers, not Steve Smith, not Bonham, not Brufold, not Palmer, not Peart, not Portnoy or Mangini. Tony Royster Junior might finish a close second.
  24. Yes, I've seen videos of Karen Carpenter playing big band, swing, jazz kind of stuff... REALLY good and surprisingly so. She played traditional grip mostly, doing cross overs, wicked double stroke rolls... some of the very important rudiments - proper drumming. Most people got to know her as a singer, but she was an excellent drummer.
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