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  1. Rush - Working Man Fly By Night - Anthem Caress of Steel - Bastille Day 2112 -2112 A Farewell to Kings - Xanadu Hemispheres - Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Permanent Waves - Jacob's Ladder Moving Pictures - Witch Hunt Signals - The Analog Kid Grace Under Pressure - Afterimage Power Windows - Territories Hold Your Fire - Force Ten Presto - Roll the Bones - Dreamline Counterparts - Animate Test for Echo - I change my mind from the T4E poll. Limbo is the best. Vapor Trails - Snakes and Arrows - ...Hope? Clockwork Angels - The Garden
  2. Wheeling through the galaxies (p.s. had to look it up 'cause I forgot if "galaxies" was plural or not)
  3. Vic

    Favorite Album Cover

    Oh yeah, Test For Echo's would probably land as my 2nd favorite.
  4. Vic

    Favorite Album Cover

    Grace Under Pressure.
  5. It's a tie between Territories (the one I chose) and Marathon.
  6. Witch Hunt. It was The Camera Eye a few days ago, though.
  7. I love all of them so much. Um... Jacob's Ladder.
  8. The title track, which I also think is the best song ever made. Really.
  9. 2112; but I also love Something for Nothing.
  10. Flaunt the fruits of noble birth, wash th- oh, you know.
  11. Afterimage. Red Sector A at a very close 2nd.
  12. Hemispheres. However, if side 2 of GUP was just as emotionally incredible as side 1 was, IT would be my favorite.
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