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  1. So the question is: When would they play Losing it ? Logically and sticking to the format it should be played before Subdivisions, or it is slated to swap-in for Subdivisions. But it would be a shame to have a triggered chime when ".....The Bell tolls for thee....." is sung when after that song or two there is going to be real chimes on the stage. Unless they roll them out early .....
  2. SON OF A BITCH - the Mayans were right. Just another sign 2012 is the end of it all. There are a shitload of zombies on my front lawn right now. Coincidence? And in other news : Pigs can fly. Now the weather: Hell just froze over
  3. JL has as much chance of being played again as TCE had a chance 4 years ago. Never say Never !
  4. Now that they have been nominated to this hall of sh!t, there is no way I can't vote to let them be second to anybody. Because Rush is: SECOND TO NONE !
  5. Thanks for all the discussion. This album is awesome, and I dont think I would even considered voting for, or initiating such a topic for any other of the recent albums. I consider Caravan and BU2B to be old songs on a new album, already played on a previous tour, so if they stick by their formula of 6 NEW songs, then those should be played and not considered new. So that would bring it to 8 - Hell - theres only 4 more to go and one of them is just over a minute long. Not a far reach. IMO - Wish them Well and The Garden will not be played unless the entire album is played front to back.
  6. Set #1 A big ass medely Set #2 CA - front to back A big ass medely (drum solo embedded) Encore A small ass medely
  7. I understand the point of the fans asking for Camera Eye and not being heard, except with Moving Pictures album live. But this is their product Fresh off the Press. We are not asking them to go back and open closed doors which we all know they are reluctant to do. They like to move forward. This album is f*king fantastic, and deserves to be played front to back, and live. And it is Rush Now, not then ! BTW - I think the Moving Pictures album was a loophole so they could play what the fans were asking for. It's hard for Geddy to say in an interview "there's no f*king way we are going to play that song", and then later do it. Too much pride. But to say "well it was on the album so we had to play it". Then when they did, they enjoyed more than they ever thought. Speaking of loopholes, on Headlong flight, Neil writes "I wish that I could live it all again", which I think at this point is him speaking, but so not to be hypocritical of past statements or songs, deflects it to Freddie. It is said way too often and there is too much focus on it to be just a tip of the hat to a long lost friend. All my opinions of course, in the politics that is Rush Back to the petition, this is just to get the option on the petition, and see how popular the idea is. It is what it is
  8. I think the Rush Setlist survey site should be amended and have an option for "Clockwork Angels front to back". I am willing to bet it will become the top of the survey, and Rush would have no problem abliging to that request. I sent a note to Skip Daly (sdaly@rushpetition.com) to ask that he add it to the petition. If you support the cause, send a note to Skip to get it added. That would be hands down the best kick-ass complimenet and thank-you, and Rush would be so pumped to oblige to that request, and the remainder of the show would be so STOKED with the boys raw energy.
  9. Prime Mover is my vote ...... If the concert becomes a concept concert like Clockwork Angels is a concept album, then Prime Mover must be played (and it will be played very early, either 2nd or 3rd song in). Google Clockwork Universe and read the wikipedia explanation of it, note the time machine similarities on the right. You only have to read up to the part where it explains the Prime Mover, then read the lyrics of Prime Mover. BTW - My first post on this forum. Glad to be aboard
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