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  1. I suggest going to his Tracy's twitter account and thanking him there in case he's not a TRF member.
  2. There were reports that it's only being played in NYC, Toronto, and LA. Don't have any details. Just read it in the pinned thread.
  3. Terry just declared that he has back up battery and will hopefully bring the whole show. Not as many lags as the first 3 shows
  4. As long as you don't take a selfie if you're in you "evening" attire. I just ate...
  5. Hey - @tdolan1967 said he is going to try scoping and he brought an extra battery pack. Just thought you all night want to know.
  6. We generally find them right at show time. Do far, we've had a couple people say they will.
  7. It's like crack. Poor TM was easy to sell his body the 2nd night. Don't know what he'll do for a fourth night.
  8. Anarchist Wreckers Headlong Flight Far Cry MMB One Little Victory Animate Roll The Bones Losin It Subdivisions Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta Spirit of Radio Jacob's Ladder Prelude Cygnus CTTH Xanadu 2112 Lakeside Park BBB What Your Doing Working Man
  9. Just got a reply back :) "Cardinal RushRocks @Gimblin May 14 @dtpkll in between rocking out I will attempt to live tweet. But be kind, my first attempt ever at live tweeting an event. :)"
  10. I've sent at least tweets to people looked line they were going to the show tonight. I'm addicted. Lol. Need me more periscope!
  11. Ok - not judging - just very curious how a MOD for TRF doesn't know the songs that have been played. Doesn't anyone other than me find that odd? Again, I'm not judging. You must have quite the resolve and discipline if you're trying to stay spoiler free. I'm actually jealous. I cave to spoilers like a house of cards with a bowling ball dropped on it.
  12. This is so much fun! It's not just about watching the show - all of you are just so damn funny it makes the lag and lost connections worth it. Thank you for making this experience enjoyable.
  13. That's funny because it's true. He's been lobbying for the song for months now. This will make him very happy. Years Lorraine. Years!!!
  14. Losinit2k will - oh sorry - lose it when he hears...
  15. Yes, how am I suppose to feel better about myself by making fun of the Bobs of the world if there isn't a Bob in Minnesota? :(
  16. They're waiting for Tombstone to over his special "favors".....
  17. I've sent 5 or 6 tweets so far today to people attending asking them to please periscope. Lol!
  18. I don't know if it worked or how we got Bob (and his girlfriend). I took to twitter about 10 minutes before show time, searched #R40Live and #R40LNK, and message anyone who seemed to be there with "please periscope?". I got one response that "it was cheating", but we had already found Bob, so eff 'im!! Lol! We need to find Bob Jr!
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