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  1. QUOTE (RUSHandOSU @ Jun 13 2012, 04:06 PM)La villa from Rio with Alex's rant Yeah!!
  2. QUOTE (greg2112 @ Apr 23 2012, 12:38 PM) Terrible experience and process. for Newark the top seats were gone within two minutes. Ended up with pretty good seats that were reasonably priced ($96 bucks compared to a pretty expensive $150), but only have being kicked off the site multiple times. Had the same issues, ended up getting 2 VIP tickets as I am NOT gonna miss this show. Now I have 6 months to wonder what my mystery "first 15 rows" truly means
  3. I dont like not knowing the exact seats one darn bit, but went ahead and bought 2 VIP tix for Newark/Prudential Center. I had 2 seats in row 20 ready to purchase and then they vanished; then I spent over an hour getting the 'no seats available" message in the $150 range. Checked stub hub and they had plenty...but at $450-1,000 each - eff them! So, 2 tix @ $325 each, but no handling or postage charges were added. As long as they are not so far to one side or the other that I cant see the entire stage I'll be OK, but not knowing for sure my exact seats for 6 months does suck! For Time Machine we had row 10 in Syracuse and it was amazing, but row 500 it seemed in Hershey and it was totally not the same experience. I also checked Buffalo and Philly and seems the VIP packages vary in price from market to market but the Saturday date for Newark works best for us since we're coming from many hours away. I also booked a suite with a jacuzzi to surprise the wife so should be one awesome night all around lol. Barry, since we have two of everything coming I can make you a very good deal on guitar picks since I dont collect much of anything these days. Hopefully all the swag comes before the concert.
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