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    My first concert. Tears.
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  1. I'll refrain from reading prior comments as the nitpickers will try to destroy what was an absolute historical show. Best concert I've ever been to. I will say, though, I take back everything I ever said about Losing It. Seeing it performed live last night was an experience I'll never forget. An absolute stellar moment of moments!! I'm so blessed to be able to see it performed Live for the first time. It's funny how seeing/hearing a song performed Live can change your opinion of that song. Consider me a fan of the Losing It club. lol
  2. Any chance someone can start a 'Losing It' thread so those who couldn't give a flying f*** about this song don't have to read the same "Ya think they'll play Losing It' posts?
  3. I will hold you to that. Remember, proof is required.
  4. Interesting. Recently Geddy had mentioned he and his wife had spent several weeks in New Zealand bird watching. OTOH, it's a little hard to believe. How much would it cost to send all that equipment overseas? And travelling between each of the countries would require more ocean shipping. I don't see the cost benefit, unless they pull off some sort of Iron Maiden Flight 666 deal. So, North American bands never play in Australia or New Zealand because of this? lol
  5. Zach Thomas? Who is that? He's not listed in my R40 tourbook as being on the tour crew, SRO staff, or even related to video productions. Yeah, so the fact I met the guy, he had a laminate on stating who he was with a radio strapped to his belt means absolutely nothing because your tourbook bible tells you so.
  6. I was a lot more kind on another site but, from my 5th row vantage point in front of Alex, I felt the first set was... in a word, strange. Seemed like every song was being played an octave lower and when Ged's vocals hit high parts, he'd bounce back up to the correct octave while the music didn't. His vocals, for the most part sounded great. I hear complaints coming from those watching through periscope feeds but, honestly, is that a great gauge of quality sound and mixing? I felt the second set was incredible. Yeah, a slight botch of a solo in Red Barchetta from Alex but not the train wreck everyone on here seems to think it was. In fact, most of what people are calling train wrecks are not at all that. I've seen shows from this close before and it seems like this is the most challenging show for all three members due to its difficulty and complexity. I was in awe that they were putting out as much as they were. All three were machines, especially Neil. On a side note, I ran into production manager Zack Thomas on the break who told me they'll be heading to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia for shows in the fall and before Christmas. Yep. Indonesia. In the new year they'll be back for another leg of North American shows. So, the DVD will most likely not be released until next year. That last sentence is my speculation based on Zack's info. One last note: Can we put Losing It to bed? Based on the challenges of the current set lists night in and night out, I doubt they'll add to them by inserting a new song such as this. Look for it as a DVD extra at best.
  7. Geez, I hope someone posts a live vid of How It Is on Youtube. Not sure if I can wait until mid-June to see and hear it nor am I guaranteed it will be played during that show.
  8. Held my breath for a second making sure they didn't Superconduct it. lol
  9. I'm freakin' losing it over here. Cygnus my fuggin' gawd!!!!
  10. Great job with the RTB vid. Trailer Park Boys, Paul Rudd etc! Love it!
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