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    1 August 2004 - Atlanta, GA
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    being in the front row at the opening night of the R30 tour (Alex side) and making eye contact with both Alex (got a nod) and Geddy (got a *huge* grin and a wink!)
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    I'm a vocalist ...
  1. One ticket is spoken for. One still available! Find me at Champps, the tailgate party in parking lot A, or at the Will Call window. If you don't already know me, here's what I look like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mountaineagle...ter/4866558810/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/mountaineagle...ter/2700349271/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/mountaineagle...ter/4894461565/ R-B looking forward to tonight!!!!!
  2. Had a last-minute fall through and have got TWO tickets for tomorrow's show to sell off. They are in the handicapped-accessible seating at the back of ORCH1. I've verified with the venue that my "attendants" will not be harassed for sitting with me Asking exactly what I paid for them, $94.00 each. ($188.00 for both) I'll be at the party at Champp's tomorrow afternoon and planning on the tailgate party in Lot A after that party ends. Will be picking up the tickets at Will Call, which is easy to find. Red-Barchetta hoping to not have empty seats next to me.
  3. When the movie "Ghost Rider" came out your first thought was "Huh? NEIL AGREED TO A MOVIE OF HIS BOOK?????" R-B True story ...
  4. Tough choice! The Larger Bowl is the first one I've learned to SING. That's a fair indicator MalNar is a pretty close second. R-B
  5. The Camera Eye. Eyes wide open R-B
  6. It was a worthy attempt, I must say. The Big Wheel. well, you're not really sure
  7. Thought you'd pull a fast one huh? No it's NOT "Closer to the Heart" , but "A Farewell to Kings" Flaunt the fruits of noble birth
  8. Xanadu: To seek the sacred river Alph Stars stopped in the sky As a mad immortal man Cinderella Man: A modest man from Mandrake Cygnus X-1, Book One: The Voyage: In the constellation of Cygnus Six Stars of the Northern Cross In a final flash of glory All who dare to cross her course/Are swallowed by her fearsome force Headed for the heart of Cygnus/Headlong into mystery The x-ray is her siren song Spinning, whirling/Still descending/Like a spiral sea R-B ok what's the connection between these?
  9. Time and Motion Slipping through the dark streets And the echoes and the shadows R-B not sure whether I'm up early or up late
  10. Ooh, I need some love I said I need some love Can you hear the buildings cry?
  11. P.S. Thanks for correcting me about Vishnu
  12. Mission. Lyrics again "Cold Fire": A phosphorescent wave on a tropical sea is a cold fire... The pattern of moonlight on the bedroom floor is a cold fire... The flame at the heart of a pawnbroker's diamond is a cold fire... The look in your eyes as you head for the door is a cold fire "Mission": Hold your fire Keep it burning bright Hold the flame 'til the dream ignites... the powerful visions/Their fire has made alive R-B one who hasn't forgotten Cold Fire - that's my favorite song on "Counterparts"
  13. Glad you're able to post a little and read all your good wishes. Here's another one R-B
  14. Scars. Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight (although it's not ) I sang that line to my son on our way to a tribute band show last month (Counterparts, Nashville) when I looked at my watch and noticed it was 7:45 R-B whose son is now a fan but not because of MY singing
  15. Mystic Rhythms. R-B hunting for a lyric sorry about that, browser crash How about "Make me pay"?
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