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Top 10 Christmas Movies


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Here's my 10 (in alphabetical disorder)




Battle Of The Bulbs.


Christmas Vacation (oohhhh.. Beverley D'Angelo ).


The Santa Clause.


Willy Wonka a t c f.




Surf's Up.


Kelly's Heroes.


The Dirty Dozen.


The Cannonball Run.

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Christmas Vacation

Charlie Brown Christmas

Rudolph (original)

The Grinch (DR Seuss cartoon)

A Christmas Story

Polar Express

White Christmas

The Santa Claus-e

The Year Without a Santa Claus


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A Christmas Story

Home Alone

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the cartoon with Boris Karloff)

A Charlie Brown Christmas


Rudolph (for the Abominable Snowman)

Young Frankenstein

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1- Christmas Vacation

2- A Christmas Story

2- It's A Wonderful Life

4- The Grinch (Jim Carrey)

5- Mixed Nuts

6- A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey)

7- Home Alone (the original)

8- Die Hard (the original)

9- Elf

10- The Santa Clause (the original)

+ many many others

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