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iTunes jobbing me on Day One


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Okay, so I can listen via Apple Music, but that's only a temporary solution. And, IMO, Apple Music is a poor recreation of Spotify.


But anytime I try to download my preorder (email says, 'Your Pre-Order of R40 Live is Ready!'), I get an error code 5002 from iTunes. Both on the computer and iPhone. It's incredibly frustrating. I've restarted iTunes, re-entered my credit card information, cleared the iTunes cache... And I'm completely out of ideas. Any 'solution' I've found online hasn't worked...


Anyone have any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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I had a bit of a problem too. I preordered over a month ago, when I saw the album was listed as only $13.99. I automatically got CttH and Roll the Bones, as I should have. But then today, my preorder didn't unlock, it only says "complete album for $16.62" (the album has changed to $19.99).


I didn't ever get overcharged, but it looks like I have no way of actually getting that 13.99 preorder I made. Which is annoying.


I've just been listening on Apple Music and downloading for offline play. It's all the same to me.

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