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Need ticket to LA August 1


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Hi, I'm a longtime Rush fan living in Australia. I'm coming back to the States arriving in LA on the morning of August 1. I need a ticket but they don't seem to be available online. Should I assume that this show is sold out? What are people's thoughts for scoring a single ticket that day? Thanks in advance. Joe
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Individual single tickets are easy to obtain day of the show !


2 ways......


Box office @ venue will open certain tickets for sale after equipment is set up day of show

These are usually floor seats, but, you can find others also, all @ "Face Value" no scalper mark up !


Mingle out side venue looking for people walking up that have "1" extra seat, happens a lot

Avoid the buyer/sellers street scalpers, but also watch them to see who selling

a lot of time these fans with ONE extra ticket won't sell to a "reseller" , but will seek out a attendee to sell to


I have seen some scalper/re-sellers buy ticket @ 20.00 from somebody & as soon as they

walk away they resell it for 200.00 , total time elapsed 5 minutes ! ! !

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