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Open - Jon Anderson

Mr. Not

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After a few months of listening, let me just say that this is the closest we will ever get to another "Close to the Edge" or "Awaken" (not that I was alive for those)


But really, you ought to get this. It's very well worth your time. I love this song, it's great. It's Jon, Jon Anderson of Yes!

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QUOTE (ColdFireYYZ @ Apr 24 2012, 12:42 PM)
Makes me really wish he was still in Yes.

Agreed. I saw John's recent solo tour. Just amazing. Nearly three hours of just him singing, playing guitar/piano/ukelele/some sort of asian(?) lute thingy. Chris Squire has said he's open to Jon returning to the band, but not until touring for the "Fly from Here" album is finished. For sure I'm tired of them using guys from cover bands. Not sure if I want to see them this fall, but will probably go for Procul Harum.

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