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Some video from Glasgow :)

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I made a little video diary of my "epic journey" to Glasgow from Wales to see Rush last Saturday, and then down to London to see The Wall on Sunday. This is the first part that's up, featuring pretty much all of the clips I filmed, though I have a few more. It's in "HD" if you wanna click to 720p option, but the video isnt amazing or anything. The only song I got in full was Witch Hunt which I'm uploading on its own now. Feel free to skip the filler at the start smile.gif


Rush - Glasgow 14th May 2011


HUGE thanks to Peter for the ticket, you're a legend and a gent man, massively appreciate you sorting me out for my first Rush show! Hopefully, I'm praying it won't be the last. What a show, incredible, and a dream come true to see

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Hey up Ryan.....you where the dude to my right & it's my big daft voice ye can hear at the start of 2112 (sorry but let me explain unsure.gif ). There was a guy there with his wee boy & I suggested at the break if he wanted to give me his camera then turn round briefly at the start of 2112 I could take a pic of them both facing the camera with the starman in the background & they seemed chuffed at the idea......dunno if it worked...hope so ph34r.gif
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I just watched your video, and it has got me all steamed up about seeing them on the 25th at the O2 next week. They look and sound like they are on top form, and your comment at the end about them being f**king amazing is just how I felt when I saw them at Wembley and Manchester on the last tour - I was blown away, they were the best, the very best.


Thanks for the vid mate - just the kind of starter I needed to whet my appetite for next week. Will be meeting a few other TRFers too - can't wait.

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