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Yeah I know hahahaha great name for a dude and a show right? AND I just read through the Howard Stern thread (Butt Bongo Fiesta anyone?)

but thi is for real


He makes National Geographic photogs look like rank amateurs when it comes to photography. Whatever he has to do wherever he has to go to get that perfect picture? He does it. Rowing swimming mountain climbing name it he does it


And his pics are truly unique dramatic and breathtaking




He says "See the two old men talking to each other?" this canyon is about a foot wide where he was walking


Weather Channel thursdays








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As an aspiring photographer, I love this guy. Some of his waterscape shots are amazing. Show isn't half bad neither. I especially enjoyed his trip to Hawaii. Amazingly beautiful photography!
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I love this show, I have a series recording set up. My only gripe is that, while he gives great tips on getting "the shot", he doesn't give any specifications/settings for it. You know, shutter speed, aperture, etc. I would love to know his settings so that I can play around with my own photography more smile.gif
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