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Paracord crafting.

Jack Aubrey

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For about the last 15 years, I've been supplementing my income by tying para cord bracelets & selling them thru the local Milsurp store. I was wondering if anyone else was into tying bracelets or lanyards or wrapping knife handles or what-have you. Also, if you happen to be interested in getting started in this great hobby, I can recommend the best place to buy para cord and can also recommend some good books on the subject. Give me a little while & I'll post some pics of a few of my creations.

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Here you go. First up are my 2 newest knives sporting lanyards, next is a keychain lanyard I tied for my niece Gabrielle just yesterday and last are a couple of bracelets with the black & tan one tied in thinner 325 cord (as opposed to the traditional 550 cord) and folks love that bullet toggle. The other bracelet is tied from 550 cord a sports a cobra buckle that folks also love.




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