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Lifeson Home Rigs


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Wanted to see my fellow guitarists' Lifeson / RUSH rigs. Would love to know your set up / rigs, etc... I'm a gear dork so details are great. I'll start off and try to be brief:



PRS CE 24 with Fralin Unbucker picks up (the coil tap in middle position really gets that chimey Alex GUP, PW and HYF tones)

Gibson Les Paul Classic with Fralin PAFs



Splawn 50W EL34 (power section only) with Weber 12" Legacy 12F



Wilson mini Q wah (for thomas organ crybaby setting)

Bondi 2026 compressor (always on)

HX Stomp (for Maestro PS1A phaser, Polyphonic, Octave, EQ, trichorus, MXR Dist+, TC 2290, Echoplex, Space Echo)

Retrosonic Flanger (EM clone)

Timmy V3 (boost for clean / dirt channels)

Boss CH-1 (analog Taiwan blue label)

CMATMods custom dual chorus (for light chorus sounds)

RJM Mastermind PBC6X

Kinglsey Page ODS (boost)

Kinglsey Maiden D (clean tube pre)

Kingley Constable (marshall plexi pre)


In a nutshell, I run wah and compressor into the HX stomp. I put the PBC 6X switcher into the effects loop of the HX in order to put the pedals in those loops in different orders . The main thing is that I use the Kingsley tube preamps as my "amps". I go out of HX into the FX return of my amp. If I don't do that then I engage my Mooer Radar power/cab sim pedal and run the signal instead into my audio interface > Logic Pro.


It's a pretty versatile rig for Alex stuff. My biggest hang ups are nailing down the right gains / effects Alex used in the varying decades. For example...70s stuff until permanent waves I use the Marhsall Plexi pre with boosts, phaser, echoplex and bingo.


Then for Hemispheres and on I use the Kignsley Maiden D (which is a dumble type pre...but I put in some brightness into the EQ blocks on HX to make it more Hiwatt sounding) I use the PRS and add in The Timmy, MXR, and Page boost to do the gain. I'll toggle between choruses for thicker and lighter chorus.


Anyway, any info and rig sharing would be great.

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There is an entire forum/subforum to discuss this sort of thing.



Would be great for you to get geeky about gear.


But to answer your question, any Rush I play would be:

Gibson LP Classic

PRS McCarty

Gibson ES 355 (my new toy so I play it primarily now but it was mainly the LP before)

Gibson J-45 (for the acoustic stuff)


Amp: Rivera Chubster 55W (same amp I've had since '95)



Don't really use anything other than what's built into the amp.

I have a Crybaby combo Wah/Volume (works great for those Xanadu volume swells in the intro) that I use occasionally.

Figured this is a rabbit hole that I'm not ready to get sucked into as I could see this being a large expense/frustration trying to seek the 'perfect' tone.

I did buy a multi effect pedal thing but it's digital and just sounds fake.

I do have Chorus/Flange/Envelop Filter pedals but haven't used them in years.


Not playing Rush live, it doesn't really matter to me that the tone doesn't match Lerxst

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