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STNG Drum part inspired by and dedicated to Neil

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I'm not a drummer, but I have drum sheet music books for Neil's parts (up to Signals). Years ago I programmed Subdivisions into a drum machine so I could jam with bass and keys when I didn't have a band to play with.


So 2 weeks ago, I discovered a new music scoring program called MuseScore. I completed my first ever arrangement, and chose to do Star Trek Next Generation theme music.


But it was missing something... drums! I was stoked to see that entering drum parts was pretty easy. First it started out kinda cheesy, but as I got more into it, I began thinking "What would The Professor do here?"


And so, here's an original drum line that hopefully would have made Neil proud.




Here's a version that brings out the drum part:




Thank you, Neil, for everything you brought and gifted to this world.

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