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The Ivan Sours Mystery Hours!


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Wasn't quite sure where to put this, hope it's okay here.


So a few months ago my roommates and myself thought it would be fun to make a 40's style radio drama/comedy with all of our own sound effects and the like. Around the same time, I'd also made up this ridiculous caricature of one of my coworkers (he was/is fine with it and loves it), so we decided to make a radio drama around this character. After we had made an episode, we got sidetracked with other things and never continued. However, friends and family kept pushing us to put it online and start making sequels, so we did!




The Ivan Sours Mystery Hours



We'd love some likes, subcribers, and shares if you like it! Thanks :)

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Just listened to both episodes there, and really enjoyed them.


I like the use of static to give it that 40's radio effect.


Ep 1 has now crashed through the 3 figure mark.


Ivan should never have gone home so soon. Vinny will be looking out the knuckle dusters after


that. What ever is the "Boss" going to say?


Unfortunately, this is the only site I register with, thus no comment or like on YOUTUBE.


But consider me a fan.



Do you know how it's going to pan out, or do you start each writing session from scratch?


Maybe you could add some spoof 40's type commercials but for modern products.


Anyway, keep them coming.


ps Looking forward to hearing the Boss, if he is due to make an appearance that is.

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Loved BOTH episodes! Liked and subscribed!



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