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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone I've not been able to find a thread like this so if there is one please point me in that direction. Anyway this is for any photo's you have taken which you'd like to share with TRF. Here's a couple of mine:
  2. I stole this from Rushisaband.com, who had it submitted from Neil's friend Brutus' Twitter account. Anyway, Neil has been hanging out with his younger brother Danny, who just published a new book of poetry, "Another Mountain To Climb." Danny is the one in the center. It's nice to see Neil looking relaxed and happy.
  3. Here is an update on an event Geddy attended in London last week, with accompanying photo- (all from RushIsABand- thank you!) "The Teenage Cancer Trust's annual fundraising event is taking place at Royal Albert Hall in London all last week and the festivities kicked off April 19th with an Evening of Comedy hosted by John Bishop. Rush's Geddy Lee is a big fan of British comedy and has a residence in London, so it's no surprise that he was at the show as seen in this tweet from the Teenage Cancer Trust's Music Manager Angie Jenkison. The Who's Roger Daltrey is the Patron of the event, which is now in its 16th year." http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp338/plantfan40/Screen%20Shot%202016-04-29%20at%2011.57.27%20PM.png
  4. I love taking a few photos at concerts, to preserve the moment and come away from a show with snapshots of moments in time that are totally unique to me and my camera lens. Also, I like taking photos of Geddy. So, my question is, for those that take photos at concerts, like with better quality cameras than cell phones, what do you use? I've seen some very decent photos taken by concert-goers, and they make me envious compared to what my li'l Canon elph with 4x zoom did for me at my last concert. Would anyone be so kind as to share what they've used and gotten good results with? For my next concert, in Vancouver, I'm going to specially buy a new camera (mine is getting old now, anyway) that has a decent zoom (a compact with a 25x zoom seems good) so I can try to take some good photos. If anyone has any camera advice, and even advice on how to take good photos at concerts (a lot of mine had turned out rather blurry, what with having the flash turned off...), it would be greatly appreciated. I've tried googling "taking photos at concerts", but the information has been a bit random and too elite - don't think I can sneak in a DSLR!
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