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Found 9 results

  1. Classic prog band at their least accessible vs. less critically acclaimed prog band with their most iconic hit!
  2. Here's an idea. Let's take a look at musicians who had famous stints in multiple ensembles, and decide when they were at their peak! Today we have Bill Bruford, drummer extraordinaire. Originally in Yes from their debut through Close To The Edge, he jumped ship to work with Robert Fripp in King Crimson from 1972-1974. After that he floated around, put together a little band called UK, left that, rejoined King Crimson for their 80s run, later rejoined Yes and AWBH for a few years, rejoined KC for their 90s run, and eventually retired. Somewhere in there he also did some live drumming for the first edition of Genesis with Phil Collins on vocals (and this was at Phil's special request). So we've got some poll questions up above, and feel free to discuss anything about Bruford or Yes or KC or Genesis or UK that you want down below, and give suggestions for other great musicians with great stints in multiple bands!
  3. Pick one, whoever you think is better, whoever you prefer personally, whoever makes a tastier BLT, however you choose, do choose!
  4. https://www.stereogum.com/2060790/king-crimson-debut-album-50th-anniversary-review/franchises/sounding-board/ Excellent album.
  5. So for whatever reason, the metallic trill I get out of 21stCSM by King Crimson reminds me much of the thrill I get out of War Pigs. Thus, we have a poll attached to this thread which gets progressively harder. Let's see what this board really loves more, the most classic prog, or the most classic metal. :haz:
  6. KC have been touring for a while in the US. Anyone here has been lucky enough to catch them? How was it? I can only eat my nails in envy. BTW, check out the hilarious DGM tour video channel, where Fripp shows what a great comedian he can be: https://www.youtube.com/user/DGMLiveHQ
  7. If we forget the "corporate" prog rock Rush, Floyd and Genesis and just concentrate on the "traditional prog" there are lots of great bands and unbelievable songs. Mike Oldfield has some prog masterpieces, like Ommadawn, King Crimson¨s Red is almost perfect album... and Starless is one of the best prog songs ever. Yes' Close to the Edge and live version of Starship Trooper (Keys to Ascension) are close to the title. And what about Alan Parsons' Tales of Mystery and Imagination... great stuff. But in the end of the day there must be only one song that raises above everything... Camel's Lady Fantasy. This song is closest to PERFECT progressive rock song ever made. It's just SO amazing. It's powerful, has heavenly guitar, incredible melody, almost "ghostly" atmosphere and very "touching" finish. Of course this is my subjective opinion only. But I've went through almost all meaningful prog bands and I have never heard anything better. This song is soo good, it brings a tear to my eye. Discuss. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhWDbdS-vjg
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