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Found 8 results

  1. Really surprised this thread doesn't exist yet. What do you think is the best song from this album? For me, probably Headlong Flight, but Clockwork Angels and Seven Cities of Gold are close seconds.
  2. RUSH B: Working Man W: Take A Friend Fly By Night B: Fly By Night W: Rivendell Caress Of Steel B: Bastille Day W: I Think I'm Going Bald 2112 B: A Passage To Bangkok W: Lessons A Farewell To Kings B: Xanadu W: ... uh.. N/A Hemispheres B: Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres W: T H E T R E E S Permanent Waves B: The Spirit Of Radio W: ....Different Strings? Moving Pictures B: Limelight W: The Camera Eye Signals B: Subdivisions W: god why the hell is it so hard to choose a bad song on every albumdigital man Grace Under Pressure B: Distant Early Warning W: Red Lenses Power Windows B: The Big Money W: Middletown Dreams... Hold Your Fire B: Prime Mover W: Tai Shan Presto B: Show Don't Tell W: The Pass Roll The Bones B: Dreamline W: Face Up Counterparts B: Animate W: Double Agent Test For Echo B: Test For Echo W: Time And Motion Vapor Trails B: Vapor Trail W: Nocturne Snakes & Arrows B: Far Cry W: The Way The Wind Blows Clockwork Angels B: Caravan W: BU2B2 sorry if I triggered anyone, It's what I do best :sundog:
  3. So I feel like a lot of us here feel passionately enough about music that we have some kind of ranking system or rating system to help us quantify our emotions towards specific songs, albums, and the like. But I imagine the degree to which this is done and the methodology differs for each of us. So here's a thread to explain why you do or don't rank things, rate things, and/or pick favorites, how you do or don't, and what your thoughts are or aren't on the subject of rating, ranking, and favoritism. Have at it! :)
  4. Here's a good one, as opposed to singer/guitarist duos with great chemistry, how about just duos of singers with excellent chemistry (or hypothetical ones you think would work great together)? I'm gonna put out the big obvious one right here to get it over with: McCartney and Lennon Queen fanboying: Mercury and Bowie (together forever, made in heaven, ) Mercury and Jackson (few recordings, all excellent) Mercury and May Mercury and Taylor Mercury and Mercury ;)
  5. Probably a post that has been battered to death with over usage, but I'm curious to hear answers, so here goes it. There's a new law that restricts everyone to have one Rush song to listen to, their favourite one. Without any smart answers here, what's your favourite Rush song, (the one you choose) and why? After long deliberation and vacillation, mine is Presto, because it's my favourite Rush song and I never get sick of listening to it no matter how many times it comes on shuffle. It's hard though!!
  6. I looked for a poll (not that hard cause I'm lazy) but what is Rush's top album! Your absolute #1. Go.
  7. Not sure if this thread has been done before, but I figured I'd start it anyways. Pretty straightforward: what's the best guitar sound/song on each album. In your opinion of course (unless it disagrees with mine ;) ) (As usual posting only the albums I've listened to ) Rush: ...Working Man for the riff, but if you ignore Alex's less experienced earlier style the whole album is great for guitar! 2112: 2112, namely the solos in Presentation, Soliloquy, and Grand Finale, but I love the start of Something For Nothing AFTK: Xanadu (for the intro) Hemispheres: La Villa Strangiato (was there ever any question?) PeW: The Spirit Of Radio MP: Red Barchetta Signals: The Analog Kid P/G: Between The Wheels PoW: Territories/Middletown Dreams HYF: Turn The Page/Open Secrets/Lock And Key ... CA: Clockwork Angels (that guitar entrance is still the most amazing sound on the album to me)
  8. I havent been seeing a lot of really smart or unbias lists for the top 50 greatest rush songs, so i decided to make one of my own. Its taken me about a week, but i finally finished. Its still a work in progress though and will probably be changed around some more in the future. Please enjoy and give feedback in the comments. I love to hear from other fellow rush fans! 1. Far cry 2. The spirit of radio 3. 2112 4. Closer to the heart 5. Red barchetta 6. Marathon 7. Subdivisions 8. La villa strangiato 9. Working man 10. Tom sawyer 11. Vital signs 12. By-tor and the snow dog 13. YYZ 14. Red sector A 15. The garden 16. Camera eye 17. Lessons 18. Limelight 19. Cygnus x-1 20. In the mood 21. Time stand still 22. Bastille day 23. Wheres my thing 24. Hemispheres 25. A passage to bangkok 26. The trees 27. The big money 28. Distant early warning 29. Freewill 30. Caravan 31. Fly by night 32. A farewell to kings 33. Roll the bones 34. Digital man 35. Nobodys hero 36. Making memories 37. New world man 38. Beneath between and behind 39. The wreckers 40. I think im going bald 41. What youre doing 42. Xanadu 43. Anthem 44. Entre nous 45. Cinderella man 46. One little victory 47. The necromancer 48. Force ten 49. Animate 50. Driven Honorable mentions- The twilight zone Natural science Circumstances Presto Something for nothing Dishonorable mentions- Madrigal Tai shan
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