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Found 13 results

  1. We're just going album question only this time. Will PF's black sheep album beat this 70s fusion violin record on sheer name recognition? (will anyone even vote?)
  2. Two pretty good albums from two great artists! Who've you got?
  3. This is a battle of titans. The Wall, still so highly divisive, still so depressing, still so tense and unnerving, and still probably overrated and overrated... vs. Crime Of The Century, one of prog's all time underdogs, the moment Supertramp found themselves, a perfect diamond amongst a sea of gems from its time period. Nevermind the fact that Supertramp hit a lot of the classic Floydian hallmarks before even Floyd had quite developed them (or at least very soon after), or the odd parallels in their 70s releases I covered in another poll some months ago. Who takes the cake on this dark and brooding (and occasionally funky) journey?
  4. I'm as surprised as you are. What probably would've been better would be DSOTM vs. CTTE and then have Thin Lizzy and Jethro Tull duke it out, but here we are. That's how the dice rolled! This one'll be a blowout for sure, lol.
  5. I've always thought these two had some interesting sonic and temporal parallels. Now we compare their records!
  6. Picked this up on blu-ray and absolutely loved it! A must-have for pre Dark Side Floyd fans. Really well filmed and sensational sound. Editing is still too busy for my taste, but not the worst in that department. So cool to have modern sounding live versions of tracks like Interstellar Overdrive, Let There Be More Light, Childhood's End and Atom Heart Mother. And Vegetable Man??? Are you freaking kidding me? Nick seriously dug deep. I only wish he would've done this many years ago, so they could've toured long enough for me to see it before bastard covid came along. They don't try to recreate everything note for note, which is smart. They just try to capture the original spirit of the material within their own interpretation and at that, they definitely succeed. The only thing I didn't love was some of the vocal deliveries, especially the guy from Spandau Ballet. That part, I wish, they would've stuck to a little more faithfully. Musically though, all very tight. You can tell they're all having a ton of fun with it. Seriously, I'm overjoyed with this release at a time when we sadly can't attend real shows. Again, highly recommended.
  7. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd seem to be the most popular bands on TRF as well as RUSH, but which is the most popular of the two? Which of them would you rather listen to?
  8. Where Charlie and Ringo seemed simply content to play little more than was required of them, Phil and Nick here are the masters of playing seemingly as little as possible and still doing an incredible job. But which one did it better, and which one do you prefer?
  9. It is a small venue tonight from Chicago. Lets hope someone is scoping, relive some Floyd, solo Gilmour, and the emergence of live concert viewing duing R40! .
  10. For research purposes. Obviously both songs present a dark mood. Which one do you think is "darker" or perhaps even "scarier"?
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