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Found 9 results

  1. I would've tried to enlist someone from AIC just to round things out, but it's a cool enough idea. https://www.iheart.c...ly Alternative Sampling the first couple tracks. Track one is an acoustic ballad, which I guess makes some amount of sense given this is Cameron and Thayil's first album together since Chris Cornell passed away, to kind of give that tragedy some breathing room. Track 2 is pretty groovy 90s alt rock, with very good sounding guitars from what I can tell on my laptop speakers.
  2. the big four thrash albums take on the big four grunge albums, excuse me if I have them a little off in your opinion, but from my understanding these are THE BIG FOUR of each.
  3. Welp, Kurt Cobain famously hated Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana inarguably turned rock and roll on its side and effectively destroyed hair metal with Nevermind. One might assume here that Cobain not only hated GNR, but possibly the entire 80s hair rock and glam rock scene that (from the outside) seemed so infatuated with the excesses of the rock and roll lifestyle they forgot to write good music (not that I agree). Here's the rub, Axl Rose also famously held disdain for the rest of the 80s rock scene when GNR came to conquer it. He claimed, as I recall, that no one wrote music with any actual sentiment anymore, and that he was here to change that. GNR had a reputation as the band which who's lives actually did revolve solely around drugs, sex, and rock and roll, while other bands only played the image up for its commercial appeal (Motley Crue aside). So, all of that aside. Which of the two biggest rock bands of that four or five year period do you prefer? GNR, who set out to kill hair metal but failed, or Nirvana, the band that didn't even aim to hit the top 40 and changed rock and roll forever (killing hair metal in the process)? I've never been a big Nirvana fan personally. Between my favorite Nirvana song ("In Bloom," or "Heart Shaped Box") and my favorite GNR song ("Sweet Child Of Mine," probably)...it's GNR easily.
  4. I think this match up makes a lot of sense. I've really grown to like a lot of Nirvana's output in the past few years, but Weezer stands a chance at my top ten of all time.
  5. Don’t mind me just giving the people what they want.
  6. I prefer Green Day in general, but Nirvana has grown on me immensely over my years of being a music fan.
  7. Alright, one of these earth shattering records from 1991 must be better than the other, right? Which one do you prefer?
  8. http://www.businessi...sessions-2016-6 What do you think of the songs.
  9. http://youtu.be/sgRtySTI0GE?t=47m Apparently they DID really beat up comedian Paolo Guzzanti (the metalhead nerd) after the sketch... In this show they also had ZZ TOP, "Pin cushion" era, but sadly I can't find the video... Too bad because it was hilarious...
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