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Found 9 results

  1. Two bluesy songs which had electric releases as singles prior to their acoustic counterparts showing up on albums. Also would you take Revolution 9 or a live cut of Honky Tonk Woman?
  2. Did a search and could not find a thread dedicated to the most famous music group of all time. Here's a starter question. What are you top ten Beatles songs, or just what's you favorite Beatles song if you can't decide on ten. And go!
  3. These four bands all released some of their most renowned albums in 69, but who had the best one, or did the beatles, or the kinks, or the stones? :P and why?
  4. I'd never realized that the famous opening chord to A Hard Day's Night was kind of a mystery. Randy Bachman and a Canadian professor think they have it all figured out. I didn't quite understand the math part but thought this was interesting! http://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2017-11-05/a-hard-days-night-how-mathematics-revealed-beatles-secret/9093348
  5. Stumbled across this evening and just spent 90 minutes checking this out. The sound quality is pretty amazing for the time period and it's cool to see early stones, Van Morrison, Denny laine and more. http://youtu.be/geFglXSMZMc
  6. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii282/Lerxster/28b24d13-98eb-4cf1-82bf-5acff22f5590_zps40e1bbb8.jpg The Beatles have finally released the track list to their new BBC collection, called, On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2. The set will be released on November 11th -- just short of 19 years after the first volume, Live At The BBC, which will also be reissued in remastered sound the same day. On Air is being released as double-CD and 180-gram vinyl packages with a 48-page booklet. On Air's 63 tracks, none of which overlaps with 1994's Live At The BBC, includes "37 previously unreleased performances and 23 previously unreleased recordings of in-studio banter and conversation between the band's members and their BBC radio hosts." The BBC recordings have long been a treasure trove for bootleggers due to various radio specials over the years, which have rebroadcast both BBC reference discs and home recorded air checks -- with varying sound quality. Between March 1962 and June 1965, the "Fab Four" performed an astounding 275 different musical performances broadcast by the BBC across the U.K. The group played songs on 39 radio shows in 1963 alone -- which was the band's most busy year laying down tracks for the BBC. The Beatles played 88 distinct songs in their BBC sessions - some were recorded many times; others performed just once. Paul McCartney commented on the band's performances: "There's a lot of energy and spirit. We are going for it, not holding back at all, trying to put in the best performance of our lifetimes. . . We'd been raised on the BBC radio programs. One of the big things in our week was Saturday Club -- this great show was playing the kind of music we loved, so that was something we really aspired to." During his final in-depth TV interview in 1975 on NBC's Tomorrow Show, John Lennon explained that a major part of his and the Beatles' allure was the fact that they were never ashamed of their Liverpool roots: "We were the first working class singers that stayed working class, and pronounced it. 'Didn't try to change our accents, which in England were looked down upon -- probably still are -- like a Bronx accent, it's the equivalent to that." Although original drummer Pete Best was on hand for the Beatles' initial BBC radio appearances -- like the 1994 BBC collection -- none of his performances have made the cut on the new set. The missing songs -- which have never been available in great quality are: Roy Orbison's "Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)," the Coasters' arrangement of "Besame Mucho," and Joe Brown's "A Picture of You,." Best, who says that he has had no substantial contact with any of the Beatles since the night before he was fired, feels that Ringo Starr walked into a much cushier job than he did upon joining the Beatles: "Y'know, when you think about it, the first trip out to Hamburg, (Germany), we were playing six, seven hours a night. And I think actually, when (laughs) Ringo joined they were playing 20 minutes, half-an-hour sessions, or something like that. So, I did a lot of the spade work, put the long hours in and he was the one who picked up the glory." The tracklisting to The Beatles: On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2 is: •Disc One And Here We Are Again (Speech) WORDS OF LOVE How About It, Gorgeous? (Speech) DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET LUCILLE Hey, Paul... (Speech) ANNA (GO TO HIM) Hello! (Speech) PLEASE PLEASE ME MISERY I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU A Real Treat (Speech) BOYS Absolutely Fab (Speech) CHAINS ASK ME WHY TILL THERE WAS YOU LEND ME YOUR COMB Lower 5E (Speech) THE HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN THERE'S A PLACE Bumper Bundle (Speech) P.S. I LOVE YOU PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN BEAUTIFUL DREAMER DEVIL IN HER HEART The 49 Weeks (Speech) SURE TO FALL (IN LOVE WITH YOU) Never Mind, Eh? (Speech) TWIST AND SHOUT Bye, Bye (speech) John -- Pop Profile (Speech) George -- Pop Profile (Speech) •Disc Two I SAW HER STANDING THERE GLAD ALL OVER Lift Lid Again (Speech) I'LL GET YOU SHE LOVES YOU MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SATURDAY CLUB Now Hush, Hush (Speech) FROM ME TO YOU MONEY (THAT'S WHAT I WANT) I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND Brian Bathtubes (Speech) THIS BOY If I Wasn't In America (Speech) I GOT A WOMAN LONG TALL SALLY IF I FELL A Hard Job Writing Them (Speech) AND I LOVE HER Oh, Can't We? Yes We Can (Speech) YOU CAN'T DO THAT HONEY DON'T I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN Green With Black Shutters (Speech) KANSAS CITY / HEY-HEY-HEY-HEY! That's What We're Here For (Speech) I FEEL FINE (STUDIO OUTTAKE) Paul -- Pop Profile (Speech) Ringo -- Pop Profile (Speech)
  7. Original UK albums + MMT and the Past Masters albums... My fave is definitely Revolver (at the moment and most of the time).
  8. On this day The Beatles recorded 10 songs of their debut album Please Please Me, at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W42ZEUvqh-s Well, it was a very cold morning and I didn't know any of them. I actually had to ask Norman Smith, who was the engineer, 'Who are they? Who are who?' so he introduced me and everything else. They were very businesslike, and they just had come down into London from the gig they had done the night before. But they were fine, just like any other group that's coming in to record. The first session began at 10am. The Beatles recorded 10 takes of There's A Place and nine of I Saw Her Standing There, which at the time had the working title Seventeen. The first session finished at 1pm and the studio staff took a break for lunch. The Beatles, meanwhile, had other plans. http://www.beatlesbible.com/1963/02/11/recording-please-please-me-lp/
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