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Found 4 results

  1. I'm on a quest to collect all the Rush albums on vinyl! I am short by 5. But I got Test for Echo and I noticed something odd. Limbo doesn't start off with the iconic sound sample. It just goes straight into bass. And in the middle, there is no reference to Monster Mash. Not that this is a huge issue, I just mark it in iTunes as (alternate version) But what gets me is. Noone is talking about this! I google search "Limbo alternate version" or "why Limbo is different on vinyl" and NOTHING comes up. No statement from the band or the record producer or the Fans for why this edited version of Limbo appeared. Can anyone attest to the vinyl version being different and or offer me an explination for why this happened?
  2. When the wifey called me and said she read somewhere? About 2015 tour dates I was like WHAT?? Just to receive a juicy morsel of a maybe dates is such a high. Didn't this same thing happen a few tours ago? Turned out to be true? Sure would be nice if they didn't have multiple tour dates on same day. Sure is hard working multiple computers trying to get the very best seats that you can. I guess we will do the VIP tix this tour. **** Is there anybody out there in RUSH-VILLE who chose the VIP method and had/have regrets ??
  3. Here is the list: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Chic Green Day Joan Jett & The Black Hearts Kraftwerk The Marvelettes N.W.A. Nine Inch Nails Lou Reed The Smiths The Spinners Sting Stevie Ray Vaughn War Bill Withers Feels obvious Green Day will get the induction, beyond that I feel Stevie Ray Vaughn and Kraftwerk deserve the induction as well. Thoughts?
  4. RIAB mentioned an interview with Geddy and a reference to Rush's 41st anniversary tour in 2015. The interview is pretty much only about wine, but the tagline on the article says "Rush is in the midst of planning a 41st anniversary tour." Since they didn't talk to Geddy about it this does not serve as confirmation, but if a random food & wine magazine is announcing the tour then maybe there is a grain of truth behind it. Read and decide for yourself: http://issuu.com/terroni/docs/t_mag_smr6_2014_web_single
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