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  1. QUOTE (Mara @ Aug 7 2010, 04:06 PM) My early hatred of Red Lenses is pretty well documented here - hated it from the word "go" and skipped it every time I played GUP. (Wore out a few cassettes that way). 25 years later, I decided to give it another listen and INSTANTLY fell in love. Right now I'm warming up to a lot of what's on T4E. I felt exactly the same about Red Lenses for a long time. But over the last couple of years i've learned to like it more. I just seems like they're just having fun on that song and that's what made me start to appreciate it.
  2. Great review thanks for sharing. I was at the show to and you summed everything up very well
  3. Presto and Marathon for me. I've always loved both songs and after seeing them live on this tour i'm liking them both more than I ever have. I've been repeating these two very often lately.
  4. As far as I know the new album won't be out until next year. There will definitely be another tour once that happens I think they're just doing this tour now for fun. Which is cool because the more opportunities I have to see Rush the better life is but also the thinner my wallet gets
  5. I think in the first set from SIO through Faithless will be replaced with new stuff. I like all those songs but when I saw them live I got the impression that those songs were just taking up space in the set until the new stuff comes out. Except for maybe switching CTTH out with the acoustic version of Resist or possibly an acoustic version of something different like Tears, Different Strings or Losing It I don't see much changing in the second set. Maybe they can close with something they haven't done in awhile like Fly By Night instead of WM.
  6. spirit time stand still presto CUT TO THE CHASE BETWEEN THE WHEELS leave that thing faithless bu2b ARMOR & SWORD MARATHON (i'm fine with this in the set) subdivisions moving pictures caravan love4sale RESIST (acoustic) SOMETHING FOR NOTHING farcry encore lavilla XANADU working man I have no problem with the set at all as it rule when I saw them last friday. I just thought this would be fun to do.
  7. Of the seven times i've seen them i've only seen them indoors once and it was very good in terms of lighting. But there is something very special about the amphitheater as well. I prefer them indoors though. Mainly because a lot of these amphitheaters are in the middle of nowhere and can be hard to find if you've never been there before. While most major arenas are located right in the middle of their respective city and there's no problem finding them. For instance here in Buffalo, NY the local amphitheater is still about a half hour or so outside the city while the arena is only 10 minutes from me.
  8. Since it comes after the drum solo what about calling it "Neil's coffee break"
  9. Anthem Bastille Day A Farewell To Kings Xanadu Hemispheres The Spirit Of Radio Natural Science The Camera Eye Animate One Little Victory Far Cry
  10. After hearing this set live last Friday there is nothing wrong with it at all. Everything flows very well and I see no need to change anything. Yes, it's a more crowd pleasing set and doesn't contain anything obscure but that's what Presto through BU2B in the first set is for.
  11. Since they've come out with a DVD/album of the last three tours I think they'll probably have one for this. As to weather it's of this set or a different one after the new albums comes out remains to be seen. I just hope the DVD includes Presto, Marathon and all of MP on it.
  12. Nice review!! Three days later and i'm still trying to process that I saw Rush again and that they're still as great live as they ever were. The more I see them live the more impressed I am with the band. They just keep doing it right and never disappoint at all
  13. Nice quality videos!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Security were telling some people who were recording videos to put the cameras away where I was sitting as well. The strange thing is they talked to some people and other they didn't. The young lady sitting next they never said anything to and she had her phone out a few times recording videos. Maybe security was just lazy in my section? Is that a venue policy or is it something the band doesn't want? That was my first time at SPAC and I didn't notice any signs that said no videos or cameras allowed.
  14. Here's my first Rush set from the second night of the T4E tour. Buffalo, NY October 20, 1996 Intro (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) Dreamline The Big Money Driven Half the World Red Barchetta Animate Limbo The Trees Red Sector A Virtuality Nobody's Hero Closer To The Heart 2112 Intermission Test For Echo Subdivisions Freewill Roll the Bones Resist Leave That Thing Alone! The Rhythm Method Natural Science Force Ten Time and Motion The Spirit of Radio Tom Sawyer YYZ/Cygnus X-1
  15. I agree. People who don't like the set should sell their tickets to someone who does like it. Or they can be ultra lame like that guy who was suing for the cancelled Chicago show and sue Rush because they think they set is bad
  16. I like both sets. The only one I could do without is Faithless. I like the song but can see how it could be a downer live like the reviews are saying. Friday will be my seventh time seeing Rush and i'll be hearing TSS, Presto, Faithless, BU2B, Marathon, TCE and Caravan all for the first time live. Granted BU2B, Caravan, Presto and Faithless are all being played for the first time this tour but that's still seven very good songs I haven't heard them do before. Also, a message to the original poster. The setlists for concerts are free to look up on numerous sources online now. You've gotta take advantage of what's available to you today. I know you might like to be surprised but knowing what the band is playing before you go to see them does prevent a lot of disappointment. That way you don't get yourself all pumped up to hear something and then they don't do it. I've found i'm a lot more satisfied seeing a band live when I know what's being played. It just prevents you from getting as mad at the songs they select if you did that. It's not just for Rush but for any band you may go to see live.
  17. QUOTE (Mystic Slipperman @ Jul 19 2010, 11:14 AM) QUOTE (Mara @ Jul 19 2010, 08:57 AM) QUOTE (pedro2112 @ Jul 19 2010, 01:04 AM) QUOTE (trenken @ Jul 18 2010, 05:25 AM) "Don't listen to anybody who is negative about the setlist/other parts of the show. This concert was AMAZING, and at no point was it dull or uneventful." Yeah, this is easy for you to say, you've only seen them once before, long after they passed their prime. You dont have anything to compare it to, and never got to see rush at the prime in the 80s. For those of us that have seen them many times, we just have more to compare it to so its easier to be critical of things like the setlist which is why youre seeing that so much here. Glad you had a good time though, thats all that matters in the end, im just explaining why some are being critical, theyve probably been to rush shows they liked more. Rush concerts are significantly better now than back in the 80s. Did you even see them back then? They are a lot more exciting now than in the 80's - and I saw from Signals - on. Not that they were dull, or any less precise and demanding of themselves than they are today; there's just an element to the shows now that wasn't there in the 80's. It's hard for me to describe exactly. Yep. I started seeing Rush in the 1980s too...and I think that they play with more feeling now and are more excited to be there. That counts for a lot. Seems to me that most every gig Rush has done since coming back in 2002 has been a celebration of sorts, a party. At least that's how it's been here in LA. That's they exact way I've felt about Rush on every tour since 2002. You can tell by both seeing them in person and on the live DVDs that they're just having fun now. They know how fortunate they are to still be able to do what they love. So they're smiling a lot more, at least Geddy and Alex are and just enjoying the icing on the cake of their career that these last few tours have been.
  18. I was inspired to do something after reading this thread last night. What I decided to do was make two Rush playlists on my iPod of songs that they're not playing this tour. It allows me to listen to them up until when I see them on Friday without spoiling any of the songs they'll be playing that night. So I still get my Rush fix in leading up to the show and then when the shows starts the set is "fresh" in a way for me.
  19. DS for me. All the live albums are good but there's just something downright magical with everything on DS.
  20. QUOTE (WCFIELDS @ Jul 18 2010, 07:47 PM) I doubt they will replace it.......don't they always say "we play what WE want to play"...? True they do seem to have that attitude with what they play. But when I saw them on the R30 tour they had been playing Summertime Blues at every show. But on the night I saw them they dropped it and replaced it with DEW. So I have witnessed it firsthand live that they are willing to switch a song up in the middle of the tour. So who knows? It's a possibility they can drop it for something else.
  21. QUOTE (Pause Rewind Replay @ Jul 18 2010, 02:40 PM) QUOTE (moedrabowsky @ Jul 18 2010, 09:46 AM) It went over like a wet fart in Albuquerque. and Kansas City, and Milwaukee, and Chicago, and Sarnia, and Toronto, and Ottawa, and Quebec... If the song is going over that bad at all the shows maybe they will replace it with something else more upbeat. You don't know how a song will go over with the crowd unless you play it live. At least they're giving it a shot and they know for the next leg of the tour not to bother with it if no one is responding to it.
  22. I will listen to the band up to the day of the show. But about a week before that I won't listen to anything that's in the setlist if I know what the set is gonna be. That way I don't spoil the songs by hearing them too much leading up to the show. What I never got is when people are tailgating in the parking lot before a show, they'll listen to something they know Rush will be doing. You'll hear TSOR or TS blasting out somewhere and I always think to myself "how are you gonna be excited for a song at the show that you just heard and hour or two ago when you were parting in the parking lot?" Maybe that's just me though
  23. QUOTE (Hemispheres89 @ Jul 18 2010, 05:47 PM) QUOTE (J2112YYZ @ Jul 18 2010, 01:16 PM) Great song by song review and of your concert experience. I wouldn't have accommodated just one person who wanted you to sit. If there's one buzzkill in the crowd don't please them. Tell them "you're at a rock concert and you're standing the f**k up!" This reminds me of when I saw Rush at the Molson amphitheater in Toronto in the summer of 1997. The crowd stood up when they hit the stage and then they proceeded to sit down for the whole show That's the only time i've ever experienced that at a hard rock concert. I'm with you in not understanding the behavior of some people at concerts. The ego of a person behind you asking you to sit as if it's somehow your duty to please them that night is downright ridiculous. I'm glad you enjoyed your live Rush experience. On the 23rd it will be my seventh time seeing them and i'll continue to go see them until I can't anymore. I'm still not bored of seeing them live and while there are a few better selections they can do, I don't complain about the set very much. Hopefully they still got enough left in the tank to continue touring for a long time to come. Thanks!! And I like your attitude. Do continue to see them for as long as humanly possible. I can tell you that you are in for a REAL treat this tour, but you've seen them way more times than i have, so you probably don't need me to tell you that. haha. Most people tend to sit at Rush concerts because, although it is a hard rock concert, there's also many slower/lengthier songs they play live. Another reason may be that Rush have an older fanbase as well as younger. Most older folks go as a husband/wife combination and are perfectly content sitting down. However, what they are quick to forget here (as in the woman demonstarted in my example) is that they were once young too... and when Rush was the hot new band that everybody was talking about, they were on their feet. I'm now that "young" kind of person and wish to stand, so she should have left me alone. It put a bit of a damper on things, however, it was NOT nearly enough to ruin my night. I hear there are already plans for the actual studio album tour NEXT summer, so I already can't wait for that! I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, but was ready for round 2!!! Let's hope they keep touring Being younger does play a bit into weather you prefer to sit or stand. But what I don't get is why someone is going to a rock concert and wanting to sit for the whole thing? Rush does play a few intramentals, has an intermission and a drum/guitar solo at every show so it's not like they don't give the people a chance to sit and relax a few times during the performance if they want to. As long as i'm able to stand I will attend concerts. If the time comes where I can't stand for the majority of shows or am unwilling to stand for them I will stop going. Yes, Rush is always a treat live. No sitting through any crappy opening bands who you aren't gonna care about anyways, just seeing the best band in the world play for 3 hours. It doesn't get better than that live
  24. I've always liked the song a lot myself. You're right that as time goes by and you get a bit older it means more. I'm not that old yet (I turn 32 next month) but it definitely has a more meaning to me now than it did when I first got into Rush back when I was 14.
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