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  1. Tom Sawyer.


    Good song. Just never understood why it's their biggest song? It really doesn't have much of a chorus or a big hook in it like many of their other hits do. It's not even a catchy as some songs from them that never became well known. I guess it being unique musically is what might be it's big appeal. But being musically unique describes the majority of Rush songs. I guess I'm in the "I just don't get it" group when it comes to the songs appeal.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, bluefox4000 said:



    listen to how laszy i am.  


    i listen on the go too..........BUT i'll still be at home with a CD player and my joni boxset and still just cue up spotify.:laugh:


    i just have gone all digital with listening now.  Physical media people will be all disgusted but......you do you, lol




    I've been all digital for a few years now. The majority of my interneting is done on my phone and with Spotify on it I have the full discography of every band I like right there. So I listen to everything on Spotify now. I still have a stereo and CDs and I still buy CDs because I like owning and looking at the whole packaging but I haven't actually listened to a CD in ages.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Segue Myles said:

    Lacuna Coil


    Not sure what has happened, but I haven't played them for a fair while (at least not in a way that I paid much attention). I'm finding myself really immersed in my deep dive and really picking up on things I missed before. They have a lot to offer to melodic metal fans. Anyway, I feel a strong rush of love for them that reminds me why they are now nearly 20 years on my most consistently favoured band.


    I find when I revisit old favorites I haven't heard in a while that I hear things that I didn't notice before. Sometimes it's good to take a break from a band even when you love them a lot. It's always nice to reapproach them with fresh ears.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Segue Myles said:

    Lacuna Coil- Black Anima


    My only issue with this album is the production. It sounds overdone, which is so sad after Broken Crown Halo and Delirium each sounded perfect for different reasons. Black Anima really deserved to sound like a combination of the two. It doesn't ruin the experience for me, great songs are still great songs, but yikes...I feel sometimes like the vocal effects are distracting from the killer vocals on display. The live album from this era proves that Andrea and Cristina are at the peak of their respective powers, so what gives? I put it down to the band only recently self producing, and perhaps being a little over confident after the killer job they did self producing Delirium. 


    Comalies XX sounded fantastic in terms of sonic clarity so hopefully it's a one off.


    Speaking of Comalies XX...


    Lacuna Coil- Comalies XX


    Comalies is an iconic album for my generation. It came out in 2002, and defined that era of female dominated metal, particularly from Europe, in a way only really matched by Within Temptation and Nightwish. The style of metal is flourishing now, thanks to the impact of records like this.


    Anyway, the band said this is what they think Comalies would sound like now if they recorded it for the first time. And you know what? I call bullshit. Broken Crown Halo to my ears sounded the closest to a "modern" Comalies. Delirium and Black Anima also really show off their expertise at bold atmospherics with pop metal hooks. Lacuna Coil have never truly squandered their ability to create atmospheric metal with heart and soul.


    And that's why I think Comalies XX is a massive misfire. They transform a collection of brilliant songs, and rip out their soul. This is a really poor album. Their are aspects I love (some of these versions are so, so dynamic live), and one or two versions I enjoy as much as the originals (Daylight Dancer and The Ghost Woman And The Hunter), but what made Comalies so special was its atmosphere: it had an ambient, hazy, melancholic feel that felt like an intense reverie. Its something I think Lacuna Coil are very good at, and when they abandon atmosphere for hooks, they suffer (Comalies XX is their most faceless, overtly clean and, honestly, lifeless sounding album since Shallow Life. That album at least had some killer pop songs, and the novelty that we had never heard them sound like that before).


    If Lacuna Coil wanted to show off 20 years of evolution with a new recording, they could have joyfully recreated their music without having to make it this bizarrely clean, overly calculated, totally free of personality metal album. They mistake being LOUDER for being heavier. Whilst this album is objectively heavier than the 2002 original, in terms of feel, its as shallow as it gets.


    Still, I do like the new Daylight Dancer, and vocally, as always, the singers are on peak form.


    But if this is what the band thinks they sound like at their best, I'm worried.


    However, I won't deny I think Andrea and Cristina sound fantastic, and the particularly faithful rendition of Swamped here shows how much they have grown without sacrificing too much of what made the original so special (it lacks the warmth and sensuality of the original though).


    Butchered Comalies is toilet worthy. I have no idea what they were thinking? I would rather the band just stay quiet for an extended period of time and work on new material instead of trying something like this. I sometimes think things like this are pushed on the band by the record label because when I listen to it I'm baffled as to why any band would want to do something like this to an album that is considered by many to be their best and be ok with it.

  5. 1 hour ago, thesweetscience said:

    Much better song live.


    The chorus backing vocals give it too much of a "pop" sound.  I liked the main riff as soon as I heard it but the chorus was a let down.  I almost think it would have been better to use some textured keys instead of the vocals during that part.  This is where the live version shines.  The backing vocal tracks are way back in the mix and almost sound like keys.  much more toned down and it makes the song straight up rock.  Maybe they will remix it down the line.


    I find it strange that it's only been recently, since the band started to become more popular, that something they've done being too pop is a problem for some fans. The band has had pop hooks in their songs since the beginning. Why did they have no issues with it when the band wasn't as well known? Sorry, I'm not taking a shot at you. It's just that It's too pop has only been a complaint since they released More last year. It never came up before that.


    I first heard HYCAD when they played it live back in October of last year. I never even realized there were backing vocals during the keyboard part of the chorus until I heard the studio version. I don't consider it pop though. I see it as something that the fans will be able to sing along to live. Just like the other songs they have with "oh, oh, ohs" in them. Much like The Beatles, The Warning is a rock band that has a lot of pop in what they do melodically.

  6. Here's another recording of Automatic Sun. This one captures the Tom Morello style slide Dany does up and down the neck of the guitar during the intro. The riff to this is really heavy. Tony Iommi would be proud.



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  7. 9 hours ago, TheAccountant said:

    Was watching more video's on youtube tonight and a new show from The Waning came up.  Watch it - Its very good IMO.  What?  First off, excellent show (most Warning shows are though).  Secondly, it was at a festival and was filmed with a TV camera.  In other words, excellent film quality.  Third, they did a good job filming it - including number of shots where you can watch both Pau's drum work and Ale's base work.  Fourth, good pyro display.  But I saved the best for last.  The live debut of a new song!!!!  About 30 minutes in they debut a song titled "Automatic Sun".   





    They announced last week that Automatic Sun will be released this Friday. I didn't bother posting about it since nobody here had been responding to any of my recent posts in this thread. They recorded a video for Automatic Sun at this show. They had several TV cameras and drones used to record it. That's one of the reasons they had pyro for the song too. After this show they flew to Spain because they start their European tour in Madrid in a few days and that will take them to the end of the month. They have three shows in Japan in June. Then they are back to Europe again in July and August. It looks like the North American tour will happen in September and October since they will be on some festivals in the US at that time. By the way, that riff in Automatic Sun has a very Soundgarden like feel to me.

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  8. 4 hours ago, treeduck said:

    Geoff Nicholls was the keyboard player on all the albums from Heaven and Hell to Forbidden, that's 10 albums. He was also the live keyboard player but he also played rhythm guitar on certain songs. He's on all the live albums of that period as well but just listed as the keyboard player.


    He would also play on the side of the stage. So a lot of the time people couldn't even see him.

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  9. On 3/15/2024 at 11:44 PM, grep said:

    Crap..how can I forget.

    The latest AC/DC album.  Almost like a blast from the past. Very strong record IMHO.

    Power Up


    AC/DC pretty much makes the same album each time. So they're all like blasts from the past. Power Up is definitely a very strong late career album. I'll throw Black Ice in there too. Lots of very good songs on that album.


    Except for Nostradamus, Priest has been top level with all their releases since Halford returned to the band. Angel, Redeemer, Firepower and Invincible Shield are as good as anything they've done.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Union 5-3992 said:

    Homie sold his catalog to support his failed golf course. Without royalty checks coming in, he needs another way to pay the bills. 


    I'm not sure how much this is paying the bills for him considering he's playing smaller venues and touring costs are at an all time high. He's probably lucky to be breaking even with this unless they are making a killing with merch. I remember reading something about him not doing meet and greets. So that extra revenue stream that really helps a lot of bands out when touring is not there for him. Still, that looked like a pretty good crowd in that picture. I guess since Priest regularly neglects coming here fans in this area were ready to settle for the off brand version.

  11. 4 hours ago, Union 5-3992 said:

    Kenny had a good show last night. He and Ripper did quite a few Priest covers. Their originals were fine. Very innoffensive. It more made me think of what a triumph this album is. Instead of buying The Sinner Rides Again, I played Invincible Shield on the way back lol


    Side note: Their opening band, Burning Witches were awesome. A really fantastic all-woman power metal band.


    How many people were there?

  12. 2 hours ago, treeduck said:

    He could have gone in any direction though, not just Priest-like stuff and without the name Priest name attached to him he wouldn't have to keep Owens in the band just to appear more like a version of Priest.


    Yeah, he should have gone with a name that was different. Even just calling it KK Downing would have been fine. But I guess since he already had the knockoff Priest songs and the imitation Rob Halford, he figured he would go all in and use the Priest name in case it wasn't obvious he was so desperate to be in the band again once we heard what he had written.

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  13. Well, to do this so quickly after the song was officially released, I guess the band is aware how much the live version of this song smokes the studio version. There's not a single fan that I know who prefers the studio version.



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  14. 2 hours ago, Union 5-3992 said:



    I'm still trying to figure out if I can realistically see them this round. It could very well be one of my last chances to see them. Sabaton opening is a vast upgrade from seeing Steel Panther (though I did like them). I may have to drive 3.5 hours to see them in Ohio show as a 30th birthday gift to myself.


    At present, I'm settling for KK's Priest in Buffalo on Wednesday :laugh:


    Ha! I didn't even know dollar store Priest was playing here. What venue is it?

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  15. 7 minutes ago, thizzellewashington said:

    Awesome. Hopefully to be followed by a US headlining tour.


    That looks to be happening in September/October. They're playing both Aftershock and Louder Than Life festivals as well as one for a radio station in Camden, New Jersey. All are happening in the fall. No doubt there will be US shows scheduled around these festivals.

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