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    Michigan, USA
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    I released my first CD, Immovable Mover, in 2003. The new disc, Reality Show, should be out in the later part of autumn 2004.
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    "Force Ten"
  1. QUOTE Force Ten - 4:12 - What's the "uhh.. uhh... uhh..." thing that Geddy throws in there? I don't know either, but it's awesome!!! You know, I don't think I've ever heard him throw that in when they've played the song live. Has anybody else? Btw, on the subject of trivia that most probably have no interest in, that cool, sparkling synth sound on "The Enemy Within" was a PPG Wave 2.2 run at high volume thru a big set of monitors and miked from twenty feet away (according to a magazine interview). The synthesizer in question was reportedly thrown in a dumpster when the band were cleaning out their warehouse a few years back, despite the fact that the synth is a collector's item that goes for thousands of dollars (on the rare occasions you can actually find one for sale). Like I said, useless trivia, LOL.
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