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  1. I saw Earl on Saturday night live a couple weeks ago and he is one funny guy!! I never saw his show but I should because if his show is as funny as he was on SNL then it's probably a great show. It's on tonight so I will try to watch it.
  2. Not a huge fan but I saw them a couple times in concert and they were OK.
  3. Sounds like my kind of show. Larry is a comedy genius I think. I never seen this but I think all the different stories they had in Seinfeld in a 30 minute show and how they connected it all together was so awesome. Sometimes I wondered, "How do they come up with this shit"!!!
  4. Aint nobody gonna be better at this game than me. My grammar is perfect.
  5. Indica


    So the triology of fear has 4 parts so I guess it's not called the trilogy of fear anymore because it should be called Quadilogy or something like that lol.
  6. http://members.tripod.com/~salmahayak/17.jpg
  7. I was reading an interview of the drummer for Nightwish and he said his favorite band was Dream Theater. I just found that interesting.
  8. I bought a few of the tourbooks back in the 80s. The only way I would ever want anything signed from someone is if I was there and they signed it for me personally. I'm sure all 500 will sell though. I'd rather use the $500 for opening day tickets on their next tour. Oh it's just a memory, some memories last forever.
  9. Makes sense. Everyone has some really great points about this. To be honest, I just want Rock Music to stick around for a while. Sometimes I wonder because of how much rap is played and how younger kids enjoy it so much but I think there will always be a place for good ol rock-n-roll and long live the new age rockers. Just from reading a lot of the posts on this forum it seems to me that a lot of people hate more music than they like. I read a lot more bad stuff about music than I do good stuff about it anymore and that seems really strange but I guess people are pretty picky. It's hard for me to put down music that is selling millions of copies because it seems like SOMEONE likes it or else it wouldn't sell. There are bands that I like a couple of their songs like for instant the Black Eyed Peas. I mean, I don't think they are "great musicians" or anything but a couple of the songs I heard from them are kind of catchy and I find myself singing them a couple hours later so I'm not sure if I like it or not, I guess I wouldn't be singing them if I didn't like em. Eh? I actually think some of the songs that I kind of like are pretty rediculous lol. It's hard to admit I even like them too. Music is weird like that. All I ask is for people to keep on rocking, and keep putting out music that they like. If they like it enough to put it out, chances are other people will like it too. I love music Sometimes I think that I'm just getting old. I thought that the first second that I started posting on this thread but I didn't really totally realize it until I saw someone else post it. They have a point, I am almost 40 years old. OLD MAN!!!! Sometimes I think that part of my personality disorder that prevents me from seeing how big of a dick I am also prevents me from realizing that I am getting old too. I act like I am 12 years old sometimes but lets face it, I'm getting up there!!!
  10. QUOTE (tangdog @ Dec 2 2005, 02:19 PM) My guess is the state of music is the same as it always has been. You know, the more that things change........ Its probably a sign of middle to old age when you stop liking modern music or take the outlook that todays music scene is weak in comparison to those of past years. I think its human nature to bond with and appreciate the most, the music you were exposed to at a certain point in your life the most, like your teens or early 20's. I also think its important to be continually checking out new music. I am 39 and think todays music is quite exciting particulary from a instrumental progressive rock standpoint. If nothing else, saying that modern music is inferior to yesterdays ensures that you will not see many concerts. To think that the music of yesteryear is better makes about as much sense to me as saying the athletes back then were better. Its human nature to take it to the next level and I look forward to what the future has to bring. I see what you mean about middle age or old age and that being a reason people don't like newer music as much. But I don't agree with the athlete comparison. They have a lot more equipment to train and work out with now and athletes pay a lot more attention to diets and all that to get as strong as they possibly can. Not to mention there is a lot more people on earth to choose from than say 30-40 years ago. So I would have to say that athletes are for the most part stronger on average than they were years ago. Art/Music is different than athletes and how they can get stronger. You can teach someone everything about music and that still don't mean they are going to write good music. I know people who were trained in music and they know a lot about theory and they have the best equipment in the world and yet the music they play lacks feeling. You cannot teach FEEL. I do agree that a lot of people are getting older and thats the reason they don't like newer music as much. That makes sense but the athlete comparison to musicians don't make sense to me. I just think that music for the most part gets stale after a while when theres not really anything new that can be done anymore. It seems like everything has been done already and when I hear new music I hear a lot of people pretty much copying off of stuff that has already been done many times. You can only do something over and over so much before it becomes stale. If I was 20 years old again and never heard all the older music that had so much creativity then I would probably think that new music is just as good too. This is all peoples opinions though so no one can win an arguement like this, it's just how people think. You made a lot of sense when you talked about people getting old. However I do think that the equipment used today compared to years ago is superior and it makes a lot of tunes sound more kick ass than a lot of older music. But still the creativity don't seem to be there and to me that is what it's all about. There are a lot of good bands out there now as many people are saying but I think the rock-n-roll peak is well passed it's peak. I just hope the musicians keep playing it and rap don't totally take over because that would be a damn shame. It seems like most younger kids love rap and the arenas have a hard time selling tickets to new rock and roll shows when they should be selling more than before because there is a lot more people on earth now than there were 20-30 years ago. Most shows that sell out quickly are the bigtime bands from yesterday like the Rolling Stones, U2, The Eagles, etc etc. I just hope rock-n-roll don't die off and it may because the kids and people who buy albums and go to concerts are more into rap than rock anymore. I cringe when I think of the music scene in 20 more years.
  11. QUOTE (floydfanatic111 @ Dec 2 2005, 12:12 AM) QUOTE (jgt46 @ Nov 30 2005, 06:45 PM) The change in what is being played on the radio now is due to the pursuit of money not talent. Mainstream radio is owned by these big media companies that may play 10% of the music out ther past and present. Actually very few good new bands ever make it to recording an album and being heard. I mainly like the older bands Who, Marillion, Queensryche,Dio and others. I also love the guitar virtuosos who never get airplay. Satriani and Vai are incredible. Some of the new bands I like tool. Audioslave(Have always like Chris Cornell's voice sine the Soundgarden days) Nickelback sounds like the old bands and Shinedown has some good stuff. So I never watch the award shows or hardly listen to the radio as the industry has no interest in talent as much as they do in money. Also, that dumbkuff President of ours is in co-hoots with Clear Channel and they have been on a censorship crusade ever since that "N*pplegate" scandal with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake which has caused the FCC to come out of hibernation and censoring art. Howard Stern went satellite as he hates the modern state of radio. I don't listen to radio as much as I used to. I just listen to CDs. Both Republicans and Democrats are hypocrites. Tipper Gore went after AC/DC, Judas Priest and KISS and the righteous right attacked Rush and Pink Floyd. One priest said Rush stood for Rulers Under Satan's House and Anthem on All the World's had a Satanic message! What dumbkuffs! lol
  12. Not sure if that was directed at me. But I never said I didn't like new music. I just think it doesn't compare to clasic music that was a lot more creative for the most part. I do like some newer bands but again, compared to music 20-30 years ago there is no comparing. I do feel for the younger generations that are subjected to a lot of crap, but people seem to like it so that's all that matters. I'm not sure why people get so offended, they just need to face the reality of things is all. The rock scene isn't near what it used to be and I doubt it will ever peak out again like it did before. What can ya do? Also, who says I don't try listening to the crap that people claim is so awesome? I do and I still wonder why people think it's so great. Look at the bright side, this generation has better video games!!! You have to think positive!!! EDIT: Opps, sorry, now I find out that the post wasn't directed at me. Sorry Moon. For the record, I love a lot of the bands that you claim are your favorites. To name one "Smashing Pumpkins" are one of my all time favorites. I love their music and wished they were still together.
  13. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Dec 1 2005, 07:17 AM) i dunno, people always say in defense of modern music that you can't find it on the radio and you have to dig. i'm just too tired of it to break out the shovel when there was such an enormous abundance of great music in the 60's and 70's that i'm still discovering. people have tried endlessly to get me into new music (you've just GOT to hear this one, this group/album/song is really something special!), but every time and i mean EVERY time, the best i can say is that it's listenable and decent, but not something i would ever listen to again. part of me hears people go on and on about tool or nightwish or some other modern group and there's a VERY small and very tired part of me that goes, oh, maybe i should check them out, but i just know deep in my heart that they won't do it for me, and it's come to the point that someone has to very intensely force something new on me for me to listen to it because the batting average is .000 so far. who knows, i might like it, but every time people have tried with their favorite new band, i just can't get into it and why keep trying over and over and over when i always end up unmoved? admittedly i am deeply prejudiced against new music, but when i hear something new and don't like it, it's not because i refuse to like it, but because i genuinely don't like it. i like to give the example of 5-6 years ago when i was listening to this great radio program on public radio where the DJ was playing extremely NON-mainstream music of a genre i liked. i would really enjoy it - the stuff was original, interesting and light years away from commercial music. i came real close to buying a bunch of cd's until i realized that while i was enjoying it to an extent, especially as it was SO much better than what you hear on the radio or MTV, it still just didn't quite make the mark of music i would listen to at home - close, but... there have been some sub-genres that have come along in the 80's and 90's i've really gotten into and did go after - shoegze, trip-hop, ambient, and i really do like them still even if i rarely listen to it anymore, save ambient sometimes. usually anything i've heard from the last 25 years is just a shadow of what was being put out in such abundance in the 60's and 70's, especially from about 1965-1975 or so. this to me was the golden age when startling musical talent and innovation soared - a true musical rennaisance that hasn't been seen since. it's just gone. i don't want to think this way, but i do. to me music today is pretty much completely dead. i started a thread awhile back asking who the beatles, rolling stones, grateful dead, pink floyd, simon and garfunkel, csny, joni mitchell, moody blues, yes, led zeppelin and rush of today are and i got answers like U2 and NIN, Radiohead and the like. Sorry, but that stuff, while often somewhat above the crowd, is light years from the great bands of yesteryear. people complain that the beatles and led zeppelin are still played over and over and over. when their modern day counterparts come along, then i'll understand people shying away from continually replaying pink floyd and the stones, but until then, you go back to the best, and nothing i've heard in the past 25 years comes close, not by a very, very long shot. sorry if i've offended anyone, that's not my intention, i just am not seeing the good music at all anywhere these days and i got so burned out looking for it. Do0d, just check out the lists of "GREAT new bands" that those people who are defending new music provide. It really doesn't help their argument at all. I'm not saying that there's no good new music at all, but compared to clasic music it's not even close. I feel for the younger generation because I feel they are getting "Jipped" as far as their generations music. But if they like it then that's all that really matters I suppose.
  14. QUOTE (PuppetKing2112 @ Nov 27 2005, 03:45 PM) QUOTE (D-13 @ Nov 27 2005, 10:44 AM) QUOTE (endlesslymocking @ Nov 27 2005, 10:58 AM) I use a CD player and a stack of burned CD's.... An ipod would be nice... And when someone asks me "what music I listen to" my answer is "My favorite band is Rush, I like symphonic death metal, classic rock, indie synth rock, Johnny Cash, and Franz Ferdinand." and people look at me funny and walk away... same here...except they go..."Whats rush?" OH MAN... And then I have to explain and people get bored. Hey, they asked... That's why I don't bother with the clueless people LOL.
  15. I like em all but YYZ is awesome.
  16. Sending Out A Warning for me. I also am not a big fan of this CD/Band. Also MFH is one of my fave non Rush CD's.
  17. I'm not a huge R.E.M. fan but I do like a couple of their songs a lot. In the late 80's one of my best friends went to Ohio State University and a lot of his schoolmates worshipped this band. At that time I TOTALLY HATED THEM, I thought the singer was awful and the band played simple music which I didn't like a lot at the time. But he kept playing and playing them, thats all they talked about, it made me SICK!!!........However, 3-4 of their songs or so "grew" on me, OH NO, I started to LIKE this stuff!!! What was going on?? How can I hate a band then start liking some of their stuff? I don't know but thats what happened. "Flowers of Guatemala" is a personal favorite tune of theirs. Pretty neat tune really. To be honest, and I am embarrassed a little to admit this, but "Shiney Happy People" is a song I like because it puts me in a good mood. That's what its all about.
  18. Coldplay lol, now you are showing how true the original post from ByWyzD is. If this is the new top group..............................
  19. In other words, great music isn't being put out for us to hear because there is a lack of people who are willing to PAY money to buy the records? So in other words the PEOPLE listening to music has changed and not the music itself. Because if more people were willing to pay for CD's and go to concerts of bands that make great music then there would be a bigger markeT. I am sorry but I don't buy that bunch of horse shit. People are BEGGIN for good music but what do we have? A bunch of comertial crap. Then you have killer bands like S.O.A.D and people are listening to industrial crap keyboard fake music that all sounds the same like NIN or something. I agree that there is SOME good music out there but until people start supporting the shit then most will never be heard. I know bands personally that play small bars all the time that sound better than most shit that is popular. The people buying records these days just don't know what good music is or more good music would be popular instead of the crap thats popular now. I agree that there are good bands out there but they just aren't popular, whos fault is that? Think about it. I think the music listeners are partly to blame. People like bullshit music anymore. If flocks of people were standing in line to buy the next great music, do you think it's out there? Well if it is, and so many people are wanting to support it, then why the hell don't the record companies realize this and sign some good bands instead of the bullshit crappy no talent music that we hear on the radios. I think that theres not that much new good music, because they pushed kid rock rap type bullshit on the younger crowd and that is what they listen to so that is what they try to copy. Like I said its a vicious cycle of shit. It pisses me off but you can't make people like cool music.
  20. I don't see where music has "moved on" or changed much either. A lot of the hits are songs that have been redone. I haven't heard anything in a long time that sounds like something I never heard before. There's some unique bands but not many. Not many that are awesome I mean. Maybe I am just burnt out on most music because I been around rock music so long. I don't know. I do think the music of the 70's and 80's is better than just about anything out now. I think a lot of kids growing up play x-box and playstation 2 more than an instrument. I also think the stuff that most younger musicians are influenced by is crap music so they also put out crap music. It's like a vicious cycle of shit.
  21. QUOTE (D-13 @ Nov 23 2005, 01:12 AM) The good music is in the basement bars...it's underground. Check out your local bands...You will find good stuff. Also check out www.garageband.com and you will find some good stuff on there. It's all unsigned bands putting music on this website for people to review. The people have a chance to win a recording contract but if nothing else it's getting your music heard by many people that can give you constuctive critisizm which SOMETIMES can help new artists. I heard some music that I totally love on there but you do have to listen to a lot of crap. These are songs you can never hear without this site. It's pretty cool I think.
  22. Hypnotize from S.O.A.D. comes out today. I listened to it on MTV.com last night and I'm not sure if I like it as much as Mezmerize. It's hard to judge from one listen but I'm pretty sure I am going to like the first one better. This one seems more "Rushed". They are at times square today signing autographs for the first 400 people to buy the CD. I was thinking about going but I figured people would be camping out in the rain way before the music store opens at 9. It's not like it's or anything LOL...... If I knew I would be the first 400 without standing in line out in the rain for over 30 minutes I would go. I've camped out for Rush tickets back in the day, at midnight the night before or so. I got in the first 5 rows that way a few times. One time I waited in January in a snowstorm from 2 am to 9 am. It was a big party and it was almost as fun as the show itself. I was 1st in line that time because several others waited in their car instead. I am going off topic now and I am the one who made the topic and I am starting to get pissed off at myself for it.
  23. http://img498.imageshack.us/img498/4628/p10100716ig.jpg
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