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  1. Goodnight to all and you know the rest! My new year starts tomorrow and it's going to be a hectic month. Have a great week of good nights and may it last for at least a fortnight!
  2. Minus 6C blowing snow windy as fukc ... going back to bed. Will try again to do something resourceful in the pm.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great time!
  4. Going to get a brief snow squall this afternoon with gusty winds. Otherwise ... warming up for the rest of the week. Who can argue with that?
  5. Snowy, minus 18C windchill ... heading for minus 42C windchill tonight. Time to bundle up and hold the fort down.
  6. Nope ... just some leftover turkey. I don't even mention them on a wish list any more. I get the evil eye as if they were asked to find a used prophylactic on a scavenger hunt or something rediculous. Online shopping could be their friend but the eyes just roll. I did get a Mastercard gift card ... so maybe I'll just order me some rush swag. I wonder if they print Starman longjohns.
  7. Yuletide Greetings to the TRFERS and their families!
  8. Watching out the window at the freezing rainfall, feeling like I don't have to hurry into my last day of scheduled work. Listening to Gojira morph with my clothes tumbling in the dryer ... death march of the infernal dryer. Sipping coffee as usual. Have a fine Friday folks!
  9. I hope your birthday supplied some solace during this difficult time. I wish you and your family my condolences and the spirit of togetherness moving forward.
  10. It's still being made ... ... sitting here after cleaning le?/la? te da maison for sale in my one and only Chargers jersey, sipping on cheap and dirty blended scotch whiskey and listening to Jimmy Buffett until the cows come home. I don't give a goshdarnblanketyheck if they lose.
  11. I received a new pair of winter socks to wear in my Baffin's and tested them out in minus twenty-five windchill yesterday. Thanks to a remaining anonymous Santa!
  12. I hope you are still enjoying your extended library of fantastic epic music and that life is treating you well! We miss ya Matt! Stop by and say hello ... & look out for those thrashers!
  13. Frosty the snowman caused a 220 minute power outage for me today and for many others starting at 9am.
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