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  1. i am a model, alternative model! iv got myself down about...not me weight, but my body shape...i have had 3 children so i have a mummy tummy. i have a body like renaissance, pre-rafaelite paintings. it just seems to me that it is all about what is in fashion at the time...but a good model will be able to deliver creatively what the designers/photographers want. its not just about looking attractive. but i think there will be a lot of girls who will get turned down for work because they are not perfect, but they would probably produce amazing pictures...which is a shame. as for weight, being healthy is the most important thing. some people are healthy being like a stick...others are healthy with some weight. tis all in the eye of the beholder. and anyway...everything in magazines is edited. im qualified in photo manipulation and i know that the photos in mags are not the same as when they are taken!!! xxx
  2. hee hee people are rather amusing!!!xxx
  3. yeah he is the greatest drummer of all in my opinion. my 10 year old son is a drummer. i can only imagine he will be as good as neil pert!
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