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    I discovered RUSH by accident. I found 2112 in the cut-out vinyl section and was intriqued by the title. I was astonished at the layout, the words, I wondered what the music would sound like, it was amazing; what a composition, what a story, an epic, just astonishing; I listened to side A over and over again for hours, nothing could drag me away from studying this amazing find. My first show was on the Moving Pictures Tour, at Riverfront collisium Cincinnati Ohio.

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    RUSH Chicago 2010
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    2 1 1 2
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    2 1 1 2
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    Rush Dayton Front row
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    keyboard, guitar
  1. Hard to say what's happening with funeral or memorial arrangements, it's possible it's already happened, and it's possible nothing has happened, seems to be no news either way, would he not want to be buried where his 1st wife and child are buried?
  2. Is this place on the beaten path to visit all places RUSH that are historical?
  3. RUSH TOLEDO! We got an extra week to get ready for it! All snow should be gone by then lol; I got 4 tix for Cleveland Friday nite two! back to back shows!
  4. I am doing Toledo and Cleveland and Frankfurt Germany; if I get there early enough, gonna go over to Rotterdam for that show; Chicago and Louisville also possible! RUSH!
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