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  1. :smoke: Spark Puff... Pass
  2. :smoke: :rush: :7up: :smoke: :Alex: :Neil: :geddy: Burn one Alex
  3. :codger: Happy 7th missionman... :smoke:
  4. :smoke: :7up: :rush: in 2015... :ebert: :cheers: :yay: :guitar: :smoke:
  5. :codger: Happy New Year to Everybody.. Stay Safe out there.. No :martini: n Drivin'.....
  6. :codger: Stay Safe out there... No :martini: n Driving.... Happy New Year.... :smoke: :7up: :rush: in 2015.. :haz:
  7. :dweez: Happy Anniversary :D-13: See you in the hang out.. :smoke:
  8. San Juan Kush and the West... :smoke: :7up:
  9. Found this just now, June 23rd 2015 at TD Garden Boston Mass.. :smoke: http://www.livenation.com/events/427161-jun-23-2015-rush
  10. :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Stay Safe Out There.... Here come the New Year....
  11. TullSkull


    I tried to get the video to post here, all I get is a link.. Wilson's First Snow 12.13.14...
  12. Ok... hot drinks are ready and the fire is burning :fury: and it's ZERO outside..... :smoke:
  13. I'll have a drink with yea... Moosehead is good with me... Sounds like a fun day.. :ebert:
  14. They do well, better then a lot of boots out there. Here's the one I have and as you can see they have the nice bottoms, they have other bottom on other boot, but this is the good tread.. But as any thing ICE is Nasty.. http://www.sportsauthority.com/graphics/product_images/pTSA-9692736dt.jpg
  15. :codger: Caribou by Sorrel, they are from Canada, that's all I'v worn for 40 years here in Colorado snow country.. Be sure to take the liners out at night. My feet never get cold in them. :smoke: Let it Snow!!!
  16. To cold now for the marigolds.. ;) We put some work and parts into that tub with a good cleaning and got the new water in it now, heating up it is, be ready in the morning, just in time for the storm.. :7up: :smoke: :cheers:
  17. :codger: It's Time! As in 4:20 in Colorado... Spark.. Puff and Pass :smoke: a little Blue Dream. :smoke: :hi:
  18. I think were are involved also. :P Hot tub? That old thing? Has it even been cleaned this year? I'd check before you go in there. Something green might be growing in it. Hey.. :hi: Old Guy... You Stay Safe up there with this thing called remnants of Typhoon Nuri comin' at yea... Yikes..... nettie.. I'll be right there to help clean that tub.. Then we'll have a drink at the bar, it's stocked up. :smoke:
  19. :codger: Old Guy has the fire wood stocked up now and we're almost ready for winter now... :dweez: Got some nasty cold coming to the UpperMidWest and East Coast... Stay Warm...
  20. Oh yeah, it's the longest burning thread we got around this place. Am glad to see the citizens of Oregon and Alaska have new freedoms coming. Been burning for 10 years now..! :D :codger: Keep it burning bright...... till the dream ignites :smoke: :D-13: good job to Oregon and Alaska.... Got the Mission done... NEXT!!! http://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/rollit.gif
  21. Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders... Denver 11-23.... :dweez: Here's one from her newest album Stockholm, Down the Wrong Way. http://youtu.be/xsaRoNLX6oA I got an extra ticket for this show... Let me know... :codger:
  22. :codger: Well,, Old or New.. Winter is coming and I got most the fire wood stacked, hope some one is stocking the liquor cabinet ... :smoke: Oh Hell, I'll get that too.. :digi: :hail: :cheers: :martini: This place is/was about everything and nothing and anything you wanted.... :D-13: :rush: :7up: :smoke:
  23. Spark One!! http://youtu.be/A3ytTKZf344
  24. :hi: :hi: :hi: Old man!! :haz: :7up: How the hell are you? :hail: :ebert: :cheers: :smoke: :hi: Howdy... :cheers: Doing Alright... Got some San Juan Super Kush :ebert: a puppy and winter is coming on :7up: fall colors are awesome this year.. How are you Old Guy...? :smoke:
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