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  • Birthday 08/26/1959

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    Beautiful Vermont
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    MUSIC-for over 20 years I've tried my damndest to help advance the bands I love and think other people will too. I do a little radio show once a week and I get to play whatever I want to... And that's GOOD!

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    Sept 15th 2007 Belle Centre Montreal
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Old=Natural Science Newer=Half The World
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Old=A Farewell To Kings/Newer=Snakes & Arrows
  • Best Rush Experience
    Recieving my Gold Record for Test For Echo/getting the 30th Anniversary Tour Jacket/My Neil Peart autograped drum head/Meeting Geddy...
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Porcpine Tree and way too many others
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    I'm a DJ, I play the music...
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