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  1. Tonight was my first Rush show and it was so beautiful and awesome!! And they played quite many of my favorite ones... Time Stand Still, Marathon, Presto, Faithless!! God!! I'm so thankful to them, I love them! Anybody knows if they are still in Chile? Which hotel are they in? I wanna see them!
  2. QUOTE (jdouglas @ Oct 11 2010, 07:33 PM)QUOTE (lerxt1990 @ Oct 11 2010, 06:10 PM) We must protect the Chileans. ...from what? Don't spoil anything. It ain't over till it's over.
  3. The sites I know are Chileanskies, Humonegro and Rush.com.ar, I don't know how good info they have. Hehe, Ok Between I expect a hot crowd in Chile anyway...
  4. Do you really think, Rodrigo? I really don't know nothing about the Chilean crowds but I think the hottest crows are the Brazilian and Argentinian. Greets from Peru!
  5. I'm from Peru and I'll be there! I know about other Peruvian fans from Facebook that will go, I guess they're not signed up here.
  6. Hey all! First of all, I just registered myself here, and I'm very excited to post my first message on this forum and on any Rush forum ever. OK, now, some of the sounds I love... 2112 Grand Finale - There're some incredible guitars over the rhythm at the beginning, they sound like feedback or harmonics, can anyone tell? They sound like ghosts flying, love them! Best I can. Before and after the guitar solo, Alex makes some slide thing, I don't know if its a slide or a pick, but I love it. Different strings. The bass harmonics (it's bass, isn't it?), and the sound of the hi-hat and the ghostly lead guitar before the "What happened to our innocence..." What a great topic! I have a lot to post on this...
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