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  1. I saw dozens of folks at the Rotterdam show wearing these crazy hippy t-shirts with something like "I got this t-shirt from Geddy's dryer" written on them. Damn groovy things. When were they released, and do they ever pop up on eBay? They look positively badass, and I want one for myself. Some of the ones at the show were pretty faded out, but others looked completely fresh and new. So yeah, what're the chances of getting my mitts on one of these someday? Also, I'm a girl, and not a particularly large one at that, so a baggy, manly tee isn't really what I'm looking for. Were female versions released at any point? Also, apologies if this isn't the right place.
  2. QUOTE (Drumnut @ May 12 2007, 06:18 AM) Welcome to The Forum Olga!!! Thanks a lot! I joined so I'd get to maybe meet up with someone during one of the concerts, seems cool so far
  3. QUOTE (priest_of_syrinx @ May 12 2007, 06:14 AM) It's the one on the far north of the map. I can see it in Asia... Not Europe, though. You're half right, I didn't notice that before; reason it threw me off is that only half of it's there. There's the Eastern part of it, but the parts that should begin right where Europe ends, doesn't. So I'm still not on there, but considering the fact that probably no one else will come I guess it's not too bad
  4. This is probably pretty insignificant, but I never did find Russia anywhere on the TRF map, it's neither in Europe nor Asia. Which is a bummer because I was wondering if anyone was there. Guys. That's just not fair. If it's a lot of trouble then I understand, but hell. I'm feeling lonely here. Unless my geography skills are lacking to the max, but I diligently studied a large map of the world and made sure.
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