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  1. the quiet is palpable isn't that nice?
  2. ♪ ♫ "...leave your sweaty socks outside the door don't walk across my polished floor, oh, Tubey!" ♫ ♫
  3. there's a good deal of tubey, too not enough, bu a good deal
  4. the Noah album might be even more insane in a good way
  5. I did How have you been? busy :) not very bored in quite some time and that's ok 'dial-up diva'?? :D
  6. well you never know things get lost, things turn up again :)
  7. White Wall and 2+2+? come on this ain't no Against The Wind bullshit
  8. some of that shit is heavy like Zeppelin heavy even Sabbath heavy
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