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  1. 'It's useless and hopeless I suppose.'
  2. they are minor issues to many - quick dropouts of music in the stereo channels etc there are other similar issues across other discs in the sets - added drum sounds, keyboards mixed differently, enhanced effects, different vocal takes and so forth I think when you're considering re-investing in music you've listened to for many years and/or you crave the best possible versions for critical listening, little errors can go a long way to discouraging the purchase I pulled the trigger on a used Sector Three a while ago and was pleased (that used price reflected the value to me, 'errors' and all) your safest bet in 2019? order from Amazon (and be sure the listing says 'Ships from and sold by Amazon.com') if you get the corrected boxes, you're all set if you get 'old stock' Amazon will refund/replace no questions asked, and you can try again
  3. in my travels I have found that most used box sets I have handled at used stores contain the faulty discs best if you can physically check the matrix (that's the fine print around the center ring of the disc itself) before buying Sector 1 Problem: Fly By Night CD Error matrix: DIDX-778016 1 Correct matrix: DIDX-794835 1 Sector 2 Problem: A Farewell To Kings DVD Error matrix: DVSS-3157140A1 Correct matrix: DVSS-3358580A1 Sector 3 No errors Tai Shan is a slightly different master (wind chimes in intro are now present) there are different vocal takes used for Analog Kid and Subdivisions on the DVD audio
  4. There are very few UK record stores outside one chain and they don't stock the sets in-store or online anymore. Buy from amazon then? I want to know identifying traits to make sure the edition of the box set is one with the initial flaws corrected Then I guess you got a problem... not a problem at all the flawed discs are well-documented
  5. perhaps it has finally died
  6. 21 is legal to drink. Meaning this new thread should be v.22, yes? good point
  7. arrive, ascend, transcend, relax™ this is who we are
  8. arrive, ascend, transcend, relax™ this is who we are
  9. :hi: ^ honestly I was working on that animated gif for the last three months Well, it's good to see you! thanks, happy to float around for a bit!
  10. :hi: ^ honestly I was working on that animated gif for the last three months
  11. http://media.giphy.com/media/vYT1t1zt71bMI/giphy.gif
  12. you just never know when new love will bloom
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