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    Syracuse, NY
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    Great Music and Excellent Beer !!!!

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    R30- 08/15/04-Darien Lake,ny (8th row Lerxst side)
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    La villa strangiato
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    Caress of Steel/Hemispheres
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    7/6/02 Saratoga,ny- 3rd row front of Geddy!(almost cried!!!!)- see avatar pic! 8/9/04 Saratoga,ny-5th row front of Geddy!(caught shirt from Geddy!!) PLUS: 12/10/85 Rochester,ny- my 1st show!!! Kicked Ass!!!!!(Geddy's side)
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    Dream Theater, Quensryche, Genesis, King's X, Chickenfoot, Primus, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Los Blancos
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  1. Hey everybody. Come here alot but never sign in cause only have a few minutes (like now). But I just got a major upgrade for the Buffalo show :sundog: and have a ticket that I don't want to stick with my buddy. It's in Sec 322. Cost me $77. This late- would probly have to meet up at the show. let me know. Gotta get back to work but will check back later.
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