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  1. I'm surprised my younger brother rushfanNlv hasn't posted any pictures of me in all my scalp stitched glory on here yet!
  2. Sitting quietly, comfortably in recovery, I hope this surgery is the magic bullet! I'm trying to fall asleep but all these cute young nurses keep coming in asking me if there's anything I need!?!? It's almost like biting my tongue when I have a seizure, I'm sure there are a few things I could say but they're liable to get me thrown out of the hospital!!!
  3. QUOTE (Mara @ Apr 27 2011, 04:55 PM) I can't believe you're back online already! Amazing recovery from the operation, and I hope things keep getting better. Right now what makes it easy is Wi-Fi in the Hospital and my laptop, just turn it on and type, it's LIKE free internet!!!
  4. QUOTE (garbo @ Mar 30 2011, 07:46 AM)I'm really so happy for you! I wish more people were congratulating you on this because it's such a big deal. Living with seizures is a shitty, shitty thing so the prospect of living without them is wonderful. I'm very happy for you. Mine are... as I like to say, quoting Dark Helmet, "My brains are going into my feet!" My new meds make me feel very sick. Garbo, AKA Dark Helmet, I know that feeling exaclty. Hopefully, this will draw an end to this closer for me. I know one thing that delayed my surgery was whenever they had to stop to shave closer or work and area that had now alredy been shaven as low as it could go. When I went into Barber shoppe, I asked them to just take it all, give me a shiner, I want to run with The Bloods or The Crypts. All they did at the barber shop was leave me with abou 6/16 of an inch, I wish they would have done what I'd asked and given me Dark Helmet!!! Get it done right the first time, looking back now, I wish I had used a Gilette Sensor Blade myself.
  5. QUOTE (Arleen2112 @ Apr 25 2011, 06:46 AM)Thinking of You Danny Thanks Arleen!!!
  6. Thank you everyone! I excited and scared at the same time. I can imagine anyone would be considering this is brain surgery.
  7. Surgery is tomorrow morning, went out and got an all over head buzz because I know they only intend to shave the area they're going to make the incision. It will be easier to show-off my incision mark this way anyway! We're counting down hours now before I show up at the hospital!!!
  8. I somehow got the date wrong or I forgot the date. (Gee, imagine that!) This is my "Lose your mind weekend!" Monday morning, April 25th is the date of my surgery!!! This surgery should hopefully, change my life forever!
  9. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes on my Epilepsy surgery. I went to the hospital today for final blood tests to ensure that if needed, they have my blood type on hand during surgery. Everything is ready to go as of today, my surgery will be on April 25th. I'm going to the hospital first thing the morning of the 25th and expect to be there at least 3 to 5 days. My recovery will be at home after that at my own pace. One thing I hope to do while I'm recovering at home is to finally kick the smoking habit, cigarettes at least. I want to quit smoking filthy, expensive cigarettes and get into a medical Marijuana program to treat my Epilepsy after this and get off of as many Epilepsy prescription meds as I can. Again everyone, thank you! I will post about how I am feeling as my recovery permits. If you have any MJ, smoke some for me!!!
  10. I disagree, other than some type of illness where one of them could not continue, a final tour would consist of some type of farewell theme, something like, "A Farewell to Kings Tour" perhaps?
  11. Happy 4:20!!! I want to find a new Dr who will write me a script for MMJ after my Temporal Lobe surgery for my Epilepsy if my current one won't. He's already said no once when I asked him about it. MMJ is legal here in NV. I can grow it if I want to, with a script from a Dr, I don't have to hide it and can grow more of it out in the open and higher quality plants.
  12. QUOTE (StellarJetman @ Apr 20 2011, 09:48 PM)I can't be the only person who thought of this: http://i.imgur.com/VkHWR.png I just wish they'd replace it with a faster processor with more memory while they're there!
  13. I posted this in the topic I use as my info and seizure diary topic. Unless you have Epilepsy or know someone who does, you probably don't check in there very often. Tomorrow morning, April 21st at 2:30 in the afternoon, I have an appointment to meet the surgeon and go over the surgery process she will be performing. My surgery is scheduled for April 25th!!! I'm having a Right Temporal Lobectomy done at THE SPINE AND BRAIN INSTITUTE out here in Las Vegas, NV. I've been through all the tests and am ready to go, I'm having brain surgery! Hopefully, this is to end or at least control my Epilepsy. The end result is to hopefully, get my seizures under control and reduce some or most the medication I take for it. Wish me luck, it's been a long time coming and the people I've talked to who have had this surgery have had positive results. It's not always a win, win situation, for some people. For some, it clears up their seizures completely, for others, it decreases the frequency with fewer meds. My surgeon is very optimistic that this surgery should clear up most or all of my seizures and get me off of the dizzying meds I take for them every day! I'm excited but I'm scared at the same time, this IS brain surgery but hopefully it is to get my Epilepsy under control!
  14. QUOTE (CMWriter @ Apr 2 2011, 08:24 PM)QUOTE (garbo @ Apr 2 2011, 01:19 PM) FYI, I just found out that March 26th was wear purple day. I had no idea. :S Shows how popular we epileptics are. I got a pin for it in Washington D.C, but I didn't get to participate in the walk. (My mom's an epileptic.) Epilepsy definitely needs more resources and funding put into the research, though (IMO). My mom went through her teens and early twenties dealing with doctors and people who had no idea what to look for, quite how to treat it, what it was really caused by, etc.. Ridiculous. You're exactly right, Epilepsy research is under funded and the medications used to treat and or control it don't work well. I have Epilepsy and have tried most of the top medications, brand name and or generic, on the market to treat it without success. No seizures for me today, yesterday as of now. I have an appointment at 2:30 today with my Neurologist to meet the surgeon and set the date for my Right Temporal Lobectomy surgery. My surgery will be at THE SPINE AND BRAIN INSTITUTE here in Las Vegas, NV.
  15. None today, I'm too excited about my surgery!!!
  16. QUOTE (Drumnut @ Mar 28 2011, 02:21 AM)After long last, it's finally time to do something about my Epilepsy. I have a pre-surgery appointment on Tuesday April 5th at THE SPINE AND BRAIN INSTITUTE here in Las Vegas to have Temporal Lobe Surgery. I've done all the tests and my Dr says I'm a good candidate, I'm going to have brain surgery. I'll post more about it before I go in for surgery but, I'm having brain surgery for my Epilepsy! None today... yet I'm looking forward to my surgery!
  17. After long last, it's finally time to do something about my Epilepsy. I have a pre-surgery appointment on Tuesday April 5th at THE SPINE AND BRAIN INSTITUTE here in Las Vegas to have Temporal Lobe Surgery. I've done all the tests and my Dr says I'm a good candidate, I'm going to have brain surgery. I'll post more about it before I go in for surgery but, I'm having brain surgery for my Epilepsy!
  18. Tsunami warning center raises magnitude of Japan quake to 9.1 QUOTE The Japan earthquake was the fourth most powerful ever recorded with a magnitude of 9.1, twice more powerful than the initial estimate of 8.9, Gerard Fryer, geophysicist of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, said this morning. Three others that were more powerful since the late 1800s when seismometers started measuring ground motions were in 9.5 in Chile in 1960, 9.2 in Alaska in 1964 and 9.1 in Sumatra in 2004, according to Fryer. The new magnitude was adjusted based on the impact of the quake throughout the Pacific, he said. "It fits all measurements, including in Hawaii," Fryer said. The U.S. Geological Survey estimate of the quake's magnitude is still 8.9. It is not uncommon for scientists to estimate different magnitudes immediately after an earthquake. www.staradvertiser.com
  19. QUOTE (Lost In Xanadu @ Mar 11 2011, 11:07 AM)Hope anyone in Hawaii is ok, damn super moon! I remembered and thought the same thing from an astrology class I took years ago... abcnews.go.com
  20. Major tsunami damage in N Japan after 8.9 quake news.yahoo.com
  21. The whole coastline is taking a massive hit, Tsunami warnings are being issued up and down the coast. This event and the damage it's causing is going to have repercussions world wide.
  22. No seizures lately, I guess my meds are doing what they're supposed to but they make me feel like I'm in fog and I sleep too much.
  23. I didn't even realize it was Friday until I saw this thread!
  24. QUOTE (furie @ Feb 28 2011, 06:34 PM)QUOTE (Show Don't Tell @ Feb 28 2011, 08:33 PM) Hmm... probably Smash Mouth. wow, i feel old What did he say? er, umm, I mean, what he said...
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