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    All of em
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  1. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but did not see in this thread, where can you get this poster? I ordered the BR bundle from RBS and is supposed to come with the litho (that isn't this image) but really wanted this poster.
  2. Contestant carries good luck charm from Neil.
  3. So the day after the Philly show my family asked why my voice sounded so much deeper. Yep, if you're not sore and and haven't damaged your vocal chords, you weren't doing it right. :drool:
  4. Yeah, looking for the drum shirt but in large. Would rather get off RBS but they're out at the moment.
  5. Usually get stuff from RBS but the shirt I'm interested in doesn't have any large left. Was hoping they might have it at the show this Thursday but wasn't sure if they were cash only or not.
  6. Looks like my dvd codecs got corrupted after upgrading to 8.1. Had to install 3rd party PowerDVD to get it working again. Thanks.
  7. Anyone able to play the concert DVD on Windows 8? I have media center installed (not media player). I've even tried vlc-player but it crashes. Media center says something about not supporting the resolution. Plays fine on Windows 7. Hate DRM!
  8. Amazing photos. Thanks everyone for sharing!
  9. What a great show. Am always beat and sore after a Rush show. :) Anyone have decent photos from last night?
  10. Most asked me where I got it but some just said "nice owl" as I passed
  11. http://www.danduda.com/WP_000110sm.jpg Riding in style Sunday
  12. QUOTE (Rolinda Bonz @ Apr 16 2011, 01:40 PM) QUOTE (syrinxpriest 2112 @ Apr 16 2011, 11:15 AM) http://lubosz.de/Firefox3PerformanceBug/why_we_cant_have_nice_things.jpg OMG, been 5 minutes and I'm still laughing about this pic. Thanks. I needed that today!
  13. Years ago I think I would have really wanted to meet them enough to pay $3K. But now I'd love to just party with the from the front row for 3 hours. 11th row is the closest I've ever made it since I started seeing them in 1991 and that was this past weekend in Hershey. Might splurge on the next tour for first 3 rows if available. If anyone has any tips for getting first 3 rows without knowing someone I'd love to hear it.
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