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  1. Most women have pliable minds. It has to do with endorphins - the easiest place to hookup is at a bit concert. Women can help how simple brained they are :)
  2. Thanks for clarifying that. I was thinking you were probably really good looking and were not at all a 37 year old virgin living in his mother's basement just based on the quality of your posts. And that is so cool that you have an extra thousand dollars to spend on meet & greets! Wow, cool. I often sniff my sisters panties :) I also look in the mirror and pretend I am with myself :) for some reason female panties smell like cheese, eggs, and fetal pig :laughing guy:
  3. One thing that I will say - where you are as good looking as me things just happen in your favor :) I know that many of you watch porn and think about girls, however I get sex a lot therefore it is not big deal :)
  4. I am wondering. Has anyone on here had an extra thousand dollars ever? Lets up the pot to 1500 dollars for a backstage pass to meet rush!
  5. Thanks for all the advice! I think that I am going to have a mask made that resembles Alex and just sneak into the backstage room. Not sure if that can get me past the "hard perimeter" though
  6. Some on here who has one a contest must have credit card bills to pay
  7. Thanks. If I can't find someone on here I am going to offer people 1k with passes at the 3 shows I am going to anyway.
  8. I will travel anywhere there is a pass available. It is worth it to me so please let me know if anyone has won a contest or can get me on the list Not worth it. You get 20-30 seconds at the most. I had a meet and greet a few tours ago and right before going in I told a friend he could have it. I am a big Rush fan, but he worshipped Rush so it meant more to him. I don't even ask any of my friends if they can get me into the meet and greet. They tend to be get them in and get them out. Also it would help if you listed what shows you are looking to go to or are you willing to travel anywhere.
  9. Hello does anyone have a hookup for passes? If so I am your guy. Looking for (1) pass on this tour.
  10. Good question. I think the band peaked live from 1984 - 1988. They had a second peak in 1994 and regretfully it has been downword with Geddy's voice since.
  11. Thanks for kind post. I know these "greets" have like 30-40 people and I am sure at lease one or two people are on this site. In this day and age 1,000 is a lot and I am happy to hand it over for the experience.
  12. I will gladly hand someone $1,000 in cash for you to hand over your extra meet and greet pass after claiming at will call. Easy as that.
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