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  • Birthday 07/19/1962

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    north manchester uk
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    my 3 kids 1 at uni 2 who live with me.watching my 11yr old playing guitar plays rush tunes morning noon and night and watching my oldest son play football.music mainly rock and metal,going to concerts and football following manchester city

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    r30 manchester uk
  • Favorite Rush Song
    here again 1st rush tune i heard
  • Favorite Rush Album
    can't pick one
  • Best Rush Experience
    taking 2 of my kids to r 30 at manchester 19 and 11 and hearing them play bravado in my local pub.19yr old plays bass 11yr old guitar
  • Other Favorite Bands
    ac/dc,sabbath,dream theater,nightwish,drive by truckers
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    try to play guitar
  1. jon oliva's pain,kamelot,haggard,leaves eyes,dreamscape,cheltenham racecourse 31st march.power prog 2.eight bands 36 gbp a fantastic day out.
  2. thank you .passing an ajans super haze to all the 4.20 lounge lizzards.enjoy
  3. i have been working in holland for 2 months and every weekend have been lucky to go too amsterdam for the weekend (missed the kids too high heaven but its paid for us to go to wacken heavy metal festival in germany).and i have been smoking the cannibas cup winner 2007 ,ajans super haze for a good while,what a darn good smoke.one joint = a happy camper.two =the most insane rush fan ,who has to spread the gospel according too neil,alex and geddy.the last night i had in amsterdam was spent in the rock planet bar,where i had spent most of my days off.as i walked in i could hear here again.i must haved told anybody that would listen that this was the first rush tune that i ever heard.the rest of the evening was devoted too rush.what a good send off.i arrive home a very happy soul knowing that there are one or two maybe tens of extra rush fans walking the face off the earth.all thanks too ajans super haze
  4. cool a smokers page.i enjoy the odd puff myself purely for medicinal purpose's of course.it helps my my toes relax,been a martyr to stiff toes for years me and seven of my friends go to amsterdam every year to try the new cannabis cup winner.this years was particularly good
  5. motorhead last sunday,opeth tommorow night(not heard much recommended by my daughter) and hayseed dixie next saturday.no zakk wylde in febuary though he has cancelled his uk tour again.
  6. here again.my introduction to rush its also one of my favorite solos there is just so much soul poured into it
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