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  1. 23 hours ago, goose said:


    Maybe she'll care now since she got her ass beat :tongue:

    I guess so, based on her post-game comments:


    "Everybody knows that the reason why our teams around the league are having sellouts is because Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever are coming to town," Reeve said. "The league has been building for a watershed moment," she continued. "We're here. We've got to take advantage of it." :biggrin:

  2. Oh... for some reason the Minnesota coach was wearing a "Black Girls Rock" tshirt :wtf:


    ETA: I had forgotten that she's the Olympic coach and that she's been openly hostile about Clark's popularity.  Pre-game, when asked about the many Clark fans in attendance she replied, "I don't give two shits". :biggrin:


    Maybe she'll care now since she got her ass beat :tongue:

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  3. Fever end up on the good side of a back and forth battle with the Minnesota Lynx to improve to 11-14.  Tough perimeter defense by the Lynx shut down Indiana's inside till late in the game when the Fever hit three in a row to come back and take the lead.  Boston dominated the boards for Indiana.

  4. So, a 20+ India:popcorn:na lead has shrunk to just nine points with 5 minutes to go.  Phoenix is shooting the lights out and capitalizing on Fever fouls and turnovers (not by Clark).


    Mercury makes a free throw. Steal given up by Clark.   Lead is four. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Entre_Perpetuo said:

    Technically most of the great 60s-80s were still around at some point in the past 20 years. I think the point of that cutoff isn’t really who’s still around but who’s new and relevant and in their prime. Granted, the list still sucks.

    Yeah, "of the last 20 years" suggests to me when the guitarist broke onto the scene.  


    Still, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran?

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  6. 10 hours ago, laughedatbytime said:

    Another Angel Reese double double.  ROTY material for sure.


    Sure, she went 5-17 from the field, did not go to the line,and only had 1 assist, but there were two numbers in both the points and assist column.





    How'd her team do, you ask?  Don't know, but did you see she got a double double?

    I was just looking at the stats and LMAO.  Beauty post! :biggrin:


    Sure enough, the ESPN headline reads: "WNBA rookie tracker: Reese's double-double streak reaches 15 in Sky loss at Liberty" :rofl1:

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  7. 4 hours ago, That One Guy said:

    If Donald Trump wins in November he better not go full dipshit and sabotage federal funding for high speed rail


    Kill that, computer chips, and domestic EV battery infrastructure, and you'll pretty much ensure the US is a second/third world country by 2050.

    Well all be dead before then, cuz climate

  8. In their game, the Fever were down three with 16 sec to go.  Here's how it ended for them...


    Jade Melbourne with a defensive rebound.
    Kelsey Mitchell misses a 3-point jump shot from 26 feet out.
    Fever take a full timeout.
  9. A statistical case against Angel Reese as rookie of the year:  https://www.outkick.com/sports/angel-reese-stats-chicago-sky-wnba-rookie-year


    "...The problem is that many of Reese's rebounds come on her own missed layups. In fact, Reese only makes 44% of her layups. She's attempted 185 layups this season and 40 of them have been blocked...Reese has blocked seven opponent shots this season, less than one block for every two games she has played. For reference, Caitlin Clark has 17 blocks this season..."

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